The adjusted target bit theory for bitcoin perpetuity contracts

BITMEX:XBTUSD   Bitcoin / US Dollar Perpetual Inverse Swap Contract

While we tend to be on the right side of the trade, the prediction on the left also helps us anticipate trends and avoid unprepared battles.

Let's take a look at the XBT, because it's coming out of a two-headed pattern, and we've gone through the two-headed adjustment criteria, even with a 1:1 head to neck drop of $3,270, the target should be $6,380.

However, whether we can reach here and achieve the short target, we still need to see several positions to fight for. Firstly, the left side has formed a box when finishing, so if we reach here, the bulls should have resistance. This box is $9,110 - $7,430. This is also an opportunity for the formation of a symmetrical right shoulder, so do not rule out the possibility of coming out of the transverse oscillation here and then forming the right shoulder.

At the same time, if we look at the volume distribution, there is a dense trading area at $7,840, where there is enough leverage to give the bears a chance to hit their targets and penetrate the dense area. If overcome, that's bad news for the bulls, which could turn into a medium - and long-term pressure level.

So you see, to achieve a goal, it requires careful planning, detailed analysis, just like the initial attack from $4,000 to $14,000, this time the main force is carefully deployed. Currently we d point positioning in this round of adjustment, as an important target, if done adjust, there would be a good ending, of course, specific how to trade, we will not only with a forecast figure to do, because I said many times, our strategy is to battle plans of the deal, so we are all in daily trend analysis, and provide the latest trading tips.

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