Short term - bearish, long term - bullish

I'm still waiting for 50 likes so I can chat!!

Amateur here, but I still believe that the right play in the near term is to short the market. Signs and attitudes are increasingly bullish everyday, but we continue to reject the resistance ~ 8800. I think we'll see a prolonged drop , and quite possibly bounce off 6000 again before we see the bulls take over. We may not drop that far, if people get antsy to get in. I don't think we'll go lower than 6000.

I know my analysis is lacking but I'm still learning. Please help me get to the level needed to chat! I can't learn more until I can ask the pros questions on their ideas!!

**This post is for thought, not actions. I'm not responsible for anyone trading a noob's ideas and then getting burnt**

Be well, and happy trading!
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