BITMEX:XBTUSD   Bitcoin / US Dollar Perpetual Inverse Swap Contract
On 26th, I analyzed the trend of bitcoin and compared it with the trend of last year. Now we see that bitcoin is indeed at an impasse, and the market has turned to speculation about fake COINS. Today, the news of bitcoin cash dominates the screen and even bloomberg is on the home page, which shows the growing influence of digital currency in the world.

I think it was tether who made usdt scandal in November last year, and then it was bitcash that screwed up the digital money market, losing 50% of its market value in just one month. This year, at the end of October, another tether lawsuit, and then more cash, is the history of difficulty so similar? Or am I sleepwalking?

Whether or not the recurrence of history, we as an investor, must be rational face. The digital currency market is still too young and there are many waves to go through. If you are not careful, it will die. I hope that everyone can take good care of this market and not let the market pay for it because of your selfish desire.

From the technical point of view, the current trend is in a shock in the box, long in such as the average reinforcement, short at present do not see what trend, but the position, has increased to about $800 million, rising very quickly, but has not reached the peak, is still in a safe range.


$8,900 - $9,950 is a small box at the moment, no breakthrough, basically no trading value, if you break up, you have to pass the $10,584 level, so please be cautious.

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