$xcp i shilled this when it was 4$ and said it was going to $100

it did.

anyway, taking a look, and probably similar to other alts, bottoms should be in next few days before/near/on end of month, and imo we should get some face ripping pumps next month.

i expect first top of xcp to be mid/late next month, and then lets see what happens. Decided to look at the chart again after the guys putting a few btc on polo and trex at .001. lol. if i had more btc id buy them, sadly right now i cant risk more xcp. Now all i do is what I generally do, invest, and then wait for others to see the value i will sell them.

I cant imagine this would ever get to .04 again. Actually i can imagine and i used calc to find out what would happen is i put all my sells there. Unreal.

Good luck.
评论: missed placing this but

anyway, just another point where the coin dumps to the end of the month and bounces until mid next month.
评论: chilling near ATL with sideways and higher lows
trending markets continue, im expecting this and everything else to continue.
high caps started first, dash, xmr, well doge i guess doenst count but that popped too. binance also having some good movers.
评论: was away for near 3 months. nothing held, the bear was strong.
rounded bottom on this, lots of alts above 100/180/200 mas daily and otherwise. everything looking good for now. not sure how long it lasts for and what types of returns we get. xcp is an alt i am watching for breakout up as its above an old MA like some others.
hey? whats your thought on the current xcp dive? do you see us getting back to $80?
mid term target?
the great mountains of xcp, the cups of 7,s . I love xcp thanks to coinburns.
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