Does XEM can repeat that, what previous Ethereum made?

BITTREX:XEMUSD   NewEconomyMovement / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
I must admit, that my expectations to buy some more cheap XEMs under 10cents failed, but as i wrote it's ok for me as i hold many XEMs from my old stack. My wish is to see here price above 1$, and repeating of history made by Ethereum . Fundamentals for NEM movement looks longterm good. BTC story with fork, and lack of it for now gave XEM new fuel to pump. I hope for this pump, as the price is one of the indicators of success. And NEM simply deserve for this.
评论: ETHUSD moves from the past:

评论: According to above picture i hope that 1-1.5USD area for XEM will be only beginning of longterm growth. Of course my price expectations are based mainly on my wishes (as holder), but some fundamentals and even technical anylysis are involved too. It can be, that recent correction of XEMUSD was healthy correction before huge pump. But remember only market have right. I can be wrong. Decide Yourself.
评论: By the way, there are 2 most promising wave countings for XEMUSD.

The 1st one:

where the 5th wave should reach minimum 30cents+ area, maximum (in case of wave 5th sky may be the limit - noone can predict that for sure)

And the 2nd:

评论: Logarithmic chart suggest that the 2nd scenario and initial counting looks at first glance proper, but similarity in correction for black 5wave pattern (waves 2 and 4 are deep correction, and that not match rules of EWT, where this correction should have not so similar paths) does not give conviction in that matter.

评论: I take into account that Elliot Waves Theory can't be used fully in current markets (like crypto), so two above scenarios for XEM upmoves must stay as possible development of situation. But of course in the end market will draw his own waves, maybe even much more complicated than showed above.
评论: Optimistic and promissing here is that AB=CD formation here was made by market

评论: Measured on closing of candles wave AB=18,8cents (0.188USD), CD=17,2cents(0.172USD) not ideally equal but very close.

Measured on candles shades AB=22,3cents(0.223USD) CD=22,25cents(0.2225USD)
so in this case equality of ABCD is very very close!
评论: Bitcoin crash must be observed carefully, cause crash in BTCUSD and any optimistic scenario can be throwed to the trash.
The day XEM does it bitcoin will be exactly 32k, so 2500 sats yet again, haha
orminlange panconpalta
@panconpalta, How many satoshis have we now? :D haha
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