XRM with enough reasons to repeat behavior for the last time

POLONIEX:XMRBTC   Monero / Bitcoin
XMR has been behaving the same over and over again, gettin too predictable this far which scares me a little bit, due to recent movements during the last 24 hours gives me enough reason to believe this will be the last time it keeps the patters, in polo we have been seing a high manipulation by the 1111BTC whale on the sell side, but that pressure have been making people to sell and fill up some big buy orders during the week, that is why I'm going long on it this weekend too.

If All Time High reached again then expect a heavier downtrend for the next week and possibly a trading strategy change for the Monero Market.

Also you might want to check this link, another reason to believe this will be the last massive pump

If you want more info you are welcome to join us to our mattermost community sending an email to

Forecast relevant?
Love your., chart., i keep following this, thanks :)
This looking to still apply insa?
+1 回复
Great chart as always!
Any suggestions for tight stop-loss?
Only works if BTC doesn't goes up...
The moment btc goes up, everyone will run like a chicken
So far it's down... :)
mrsky protekt0r
Yep,so far, so good...
The pattern would look even more eery if you look at it on a log scale. I'm back in and long as of today. Let's hope I don't have to stop loss it. thanks
Great chart Insa! I hope you hit your targets, my gut tells me 0280+ but I'd be just as happy with 031+
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