Watchlist Update 25 (Vid) | BTC, LTC, XMR (Bounce coming?)

BITTREX:XMRUSDT   Monero / Tether
I'll keep it short, as I've already written up everything in a previous idea. Since writing the other idea, BTC has nearly reached the expected support area and LTC has continued to form a bull flag in equilibrium, but it's looking weaker, like a symmetrical triangle. If you were in the Discord channel, you would have caught where I mentioned we've already completed the edge-to-edge cloud break for now, until it proves otherwise. You'll have multiple bull signals going forward. The first will be on a break of the triangle. The second would be a break of the flag if you're bullish . I threw in Monero as I noticed it was down more than 10% on the day. It looks like it still has room to go flat for a bit and continue down, I don't see enough signs for a reliable bounce trade but you can try it, but keep your stops tight.

That's all for today. Roti out.
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