!XRP – Perfect wave analysis confirmed - Learnings/what's next

Disclosure: this is a repost of my Feb 10 Tradingview idea. It received over 2500 views but was taken down by admin because it contained some external links. Until today, I always included links to i) my website, ii) interesting other sources. Unfortunately, my ideas that contained links have now been hidden (it's against policy). Given that I found the post a very instructive & educational example, I decided to repost it - albeit 6 days later than the original post. See below for the (almost) full original ;-).

Post of Feb 10:
"Hi guys, this one is a crucial one! I really recommend you read this post until the end. Because…you will learn a hell of a bunch on technical analysis! In my opinion that’s what we’re here for, & I want all of you – including myself – to become better traders & investors.

Let’s get the party started ;-) -->

In our initial post of Jan 22, we called the last correction leg (leg “C”) in our Elliot wave analysis. We slightly adjusted our target on Jan 30, & today we can see the perfect confirmation: a new impulse wave has started upward, ending leg C, beginning a new wave 1.

So in short: we ended the “correction" wave as we predicted and are now in wave 1 of a bullish “impulse" wave.(Feb 10 on the graph above)

The conclusion of our post on Jan 22 was simple:
--> "It is best to sit back some more while leg C is developing, & jump back into XRP when indicators such as MACD & the start of a new first wave leg confirm a bullish reversal."

In our post of Jan 30, I stated in the title "(!) XRP almost at crucial bullish reversal (>+100% potential)"
--> ... and we weren’t lying!

NOW --> Just have a look at our latest graph here above and you’ll see both the ending of leg C ànd a bullish confirmation in the MACD by a “golden cross” (blue line crossing red line with blue coming on top, and this just below zero) on the daily!

Let’s recap what we have been seeing right up until now:

1. Jan 22
Applying Elliot Wave Theory ("EWT") to the Ripple (XRP) graph clearly shows us that a C-correction leg is forming, after which a new upward impulse wave can start. You can find the full explanation (incl. ElliotWT) in detail by clicking on the chart:

--> You can also clearly see the movement of the five subwaves in the upward impulse wave, followed by that ABC correction.

2. Jan 30 - "(!) XRP almost at crucial bullish reversal (>+100% potential)" (post was hidden due to external links)

--> Closing in on the end of leg C & a bullish confirmation in MACD to confirm! (imagine graph below but without wave "5" in leg C)

3. NOW / TODAY (Feb 10)

—> The bullish cross in the MACD can’t be more obvious!
—> The downward trend channel is broken! This is the channel that connects the top in (5) on Jan 4 with the end of leg C on Feb 9.
—> We are on the bottom of the Bollinger bands, meaning there is most likely only one other way to go: up! ( Boll. bands = the green "swingery" bands with a red line in the middle)
—> We see the bullish CCI trending upward

4. What’s next:
—> We’ll see more upward movement soon, but remember that also the upward impulse wave has its “red” correction legs.
—> We see the closing of the last candle here is at the 50% Fibonacci line. This one we will have to overcome before we can push through to the next target on the Fibonacci 38,2% (on the daily)."
Omg, it was because fa on market, not ta.
@jimicze, the chart begs to differ. If anything, overall TA as a whole begs to differ. Check this cute little website called Tradingview.

happy trading!
what are you doing, please go to study elliot waves are very badly drawn please!
@jetrixs, Feel free to counter-post, that might help in increasing your reputation (=2) and your follow count = (zero). Then we'll talk.

all the best
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