Xrp/Btc weekly chart - all downhill from here

Heres the facts - Re-Buy below 3000 satoshis
评论: Xrp is beneath the cloud and dropping as expected
Your TA is good though. It makes sense 100%. I would normally listen to it. But things are changing in 2018. We're not dealing with just another cycle when it comes to Ripple. We're dealing with a real company like Apple or Google with solid fundamentals with legitimate real world news in the pipeline. Just can't see how Ripple goes down with such unprecedented good news coming to crypto. Never before has an outside company with the name brand recognition of Uber tipped its hat to a cryptocurrency. Let alone 3 of the biggest brands in the world. I mean once Amazon and Uber give the thumbs up, it's game over brother. That's my take at least. The entire cryptoverse will crash and all money will flow directly into Ripple. Yes, I actually believe we are going to see this happen very soon.
gata9aigata9ai gata9aigata9ai
@gata9aigata9ai, Without this news though, yes, you are 100% correct. Ripple would tank.
Nom_de_Guerre gata9aigata9ai
@gata9aigata9ai, Sorry i dont agree because the chart doesnt agree *)
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qdoc gata9aigata9ai
@gata9aigata9ai, cRipple
But what happens when Uber, Amazon, and Airbnb sign on? Anyone that follows Ripple closely and that lives in SF knows that these partnerships are coming V soon. I would find it hard to believe that Ripple shoots back down under $1 on such good news? But hell, this is crypto, fundamentals and partnerships may just not matter. Scam coins are where it's at I guess.
gata9aigata9ai gata9aigata9ai
@gata9aigata9ai, I'm not exaggerating at all by the way. A freaking avalanche of ridiculously positive Ripple news is about to come pouring into the cryptoverse. As soon as next week. And then it's just going to come pouring in like a tsunami in steroids. I would argue that you would have to borderline retarded not to be holding at least 5000 zerps, just in case what I said above is true ( and if you do a little research, it's not to difficult to verify what I'm saying). You can start by reading a post from Ripple's chief cryptographer where he essentially is telling you the companies that are in the pipeline. Hey man, don't say I didn't warn you. Get yourself a bag of 5000 zerps and thank me later.
Nom_de_Guerre gata9aigata9ai
@gata9aigata9ai, This is technical analysis not fundamental analysis, however many fundamental plus points could be said for Xrp the last time it peaked and yet still it dropped, buy the rumour and sell the news no? - we will see *)
great all around
@PhishyKris, Engulfing candle on the weekly or cant you see that? Good luck holding that bag :P
Is it bearish now yes! Will it plummet to 300 sats no way!
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