Make MONEY on RIPPLE now.... IF... (XRPUSD)

Hi again, my beloved D4-fans!

Many of D4rkEnergYs fans have requested his take on Ripple. And since D4 loves you guys, he decided to give you an exact way to make money on RIPPLE....IF. He will get back to that later.

As we can see on the 4h XRPUSD chart, Ripple has had a tough time when BTC had its retracement down to 6k. XRP had a pullback more than 80 % percent. Ripple has now recovered a little, and are in a uptrend. It seems like it has already made its first Elliot Wave and retraced as it should (2nd wave) and now climbing up at the 3rd.

On its way it has so far managed to climb through EMA50 and EMA100. So far so good. We are still in an overall downtrend, and are at this exact very moment facing the EMA200, which acts as huge resistance.

An ascending triangle has now taking form, which normally is a bullish sign. But be careful my beloved fans. Take a look at the RSI . Its making a descending triangle . This is what we call a bearish divergence. MACD is pretty indecisive, and doesnt help us right now at this moment.

The volume is low. The last 6 candles are under the volume MA20, which indicates something soon will happen. The ascending triangle emphasizes this too.

So here are the 2 scenarios.

1. The bearish divergence normally predicts we will go down. If that happens, then just HODL.
2. If the bulls manage to break up and through the triangle and the EMA200, then buy! But wait for solid bullish confirmation. A nice green Marabozu candle with good volume! The blue box is your target. And remember to put a stop loss right under the EMA200.

You are welcome, guys! D4rkEnergY is here for you.

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评论: D4rkEnergY thinks that this was a really important lesson. Many not so experienced traders see an ascending triangle and buy.

But remember always to look after divergence. Whether it is bearish or bullish.

D4 loves you!

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Hi, Any update, please. Since last week XRP is in a lateral consolidation with some support and resistance tests between EMA 50 and EMA 200 4H and falling in volume in USD. It has also lost more than 18% with respect to the BTC pair. What do you think about evolution in next days? Could it break bullish and stay in that trend? Tks
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Talking in 3rd person is quite obnoxious
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@kwark18, i fuck with it. Better than having to read filler BS about not being responsible and for education purpose only
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Perfect , whats your idea about TRX
NaviedKhvn erafizz
@erafizz, dude TRX is bad. I hate to break it to you but it has no real use my friend. I’m sorry.
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@NaviedKhvn, TRX is great. Tron team will get shit done
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andre.jagodic ricciardellaj13
@ricciardellaj13, Saying TRX is bad under XRP chart is really confusing on your perspective on crypto...
Thanks you, any update about btc?