Ripple - Uptrend!?

Hello Traders!

Obviously the Correction phase, is over. We accurately predict the end of supposed 1-st subwave, then retest by 2-nd subwave and after that Strong Uptrend in 3-d!
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Hi, XRP already tested 3 times resistance of 1.65 and another 3 times support of 1.5. Where will the break occur? The low volume -40% since yesterday. tks
and me fine thanks :) what is opinion today can we go 1,90 or 2 usd ?
@ilkayozcelik, my thoughts that we can have 2 variants of price movement. First is the truncation in micro 5 subwave and decline in correction phase. Second is a little groth in 5 -micro and the same correction. Of course, if you wanna to know exact answer, you should to draw EWA/EWA on small charts, like 15 - 5 - 1 min, for detailed prediction & high quality of enter the market.
But... Sorry, we havent enough time! All the traders of team "Powerful Traders" in trades.
Trader, Malika Tengri.
hello how are you madam :)
@ilkayozcelik, hi.

I'm fine. )
May I help you within trading?

Kind regards, Malika Tengri.
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