Handle on the left - CUP FORMING??? Please voice opinions here!

Chart movement - could be fake - maybe not?
Keep being told it is going down!
Are my eyes deceiving me?

I will still keep my head together using this currently as my guide: https://db.tt/m0aAcxlaqQ
With a bias to the down side still-until I get further confirmation and consensus as a whole!
I am cautiously in a bit with an auto sell and auto buy orders on the way down for further turn ups!

May the fortunes be with you!

The Wiz
评论: My Prediction chart did not post correctly here so I am going to share a dropbox image of it here: https://db.tt/uX2tfHPPLj
评论: Guys, I have bought in convinced RIPPLE is on the rise!
Wish me luck.
I don't see it going down any further now that BTC has formed a BULLISH STANCE.
交易结束:到达止损: I just woke up and saw that 3 hours ago XRP crossed the green trend line in a downward fashion and stop loss has been triggered. It is important that you have one in place to minimize losses. If this drop is measured by the previous drop..
The prior drop fell (.36536) which would put the coin @ .63865
Great post. I hope traders and of course new traders in particular pay attention to your mention of how important a stop loss is and I would add to that to NEVER put in a market order when buying or selling. You'll get screwed ever time. It will be interesting to what happens to XRP.
Thank you for all the updates, I do believer we are heading down the bears and working hard today.
Could have let you know ... from South Africa and been watching it drop...
@izakmerwe, yeah. "with all the news"; following pros';" hearing about bullish divergences" and such "one could only hope it would continue to rally." STOP LOSSES are important here.
Good to meet you . I am in the U.S. here
cryptomaster1 izakmerwe
@izakmerwe, Hi welcome Im in RSA Gauteng as well . nice meeting someone close to home.
izakmerwe cryptomaster1
@cryptomaster1, Cool stuff!!!
Hello, would it be a good sign green candle 4H about 1.05?
@gusccbb, I thought it was. It fooled me!
Good luck to all of us with long position :)
I think this is long af, but you've seen my chart already lol.
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