Here is my RIPPLE STRATEGY for either direction currently.

The above link shows you my entire current program strategy!
The majority of it is FULLY AUTOMATED.
Use at your own risk.

The formulas are what I am currently using!


May good fortunes be with you!

The Wiz
交易开始: FORMULA at moment still stands. (Nothing has changed) EXCEPT
XRP PRICE is going up! :)

Good morning all!
May the fortunes be with you!
Expect many trades in my formula to be activated today!
If you follow my newly tested formula, you are trading at your own risk.

评论: For those interested in following my programs 1 - 4...
Know that I just completed "cleaning" the clutter of off my chart!

1.) In the middle of this chart, you will see "sell orders" under: (step 1)
note: Divide the total number of coins you have (BY 5) so you get 5 separate sell orders...

2.) plug those (number of coins being sold) by the price I have listed under step 1.
and, ENTER THE BUY-BACK I have listed under Step 2.
3.) Once the buy back is triggered - sell at the price under step 2 on the right.

Enter your sell and buy back in your platform...
and, when it sells and buys' back... enter the sell order on step 2 to the right.
It may help to expand the screen and then click + until you are at 100% and the print it out... (or) copy step 1 and step formulas... THEY ARE COLOR CODED...

THE COLOR ON STEP 1 MATCHES THE COLOR ON STEP 2 for organization and execution.

Good Luck and as always you are trading at your own risk.
评论: here is PROGRAM 2 SPECIFICALLY Sell, order, Buy order then sell order again...

Will update the new buy order/sell order as it depletes and I reload.
Much clearer picture as a result: https://db.tt/GtFNeu4l3V
评论: Created more room on the PROGRAM 2 "Sell" and "Buy" and "Sell" part of the chart.
Because, 1 has triggered a SELL ORDER... and a "BUY ORDER" is in play!

评论: https://db.tt/3t0gMHJi98 (3 Triggered BUYS and awaiting to BUY BACK!
评论: https://db.tt/3t0gMHJi98 (3 Triggered BUYS and awaiting to BUY BACK! )
Just go long. The technical AND fundamental picture is pointing higher. We are back to "buy the dips" mode. Bull run pt. 2 "Crypto Goes Institutional".
@kg3333333, True, however, my system is going to sell based on the current formulas and buy back on the dips based on current formulas... :) check it out. I just cleaned up the formulas so there is nothing but formulas and less writing.
kg3333333 WizardOfRealms
@WizardOfRealms, At least hold a core position so that when your formula sells a rip that keeps going you don't get completely left on the lauchpad. All those backlogs that the exchanges are working through will be coming online soon. They were ready to BUY the HIGHS. Imagine what they'll do when they see these prices. JS. Best of luck to you!
@kg3333333, I am long, just using a mathematical formula to sell and buy back as it goes up and down (within the bars)
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