INTENSE: RIPPLE Against All Odds - What Now XRP?

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Let's jump in and take a look at the 4h XRPUSD Chart! Last time we took at Ripple I predicted, we soon would have a spike due to the descending wedge and fractals. And as you can see, that happened. But D4 also warned you. He told you, that you might be able to scalp some money on that trade, BUT we would probably face a lot of problems soon after.

First of all we have to take notice of, that we still are under the 78,6 % Retracement level. We are at this very moment facing a zone of confluence resistance. Ripple is literally against all odds to go much higher.

So we have the MA20 just above our head, which we already now are struggling with. To make it even worse we have the 78,6 % retrace and the EMA50 a bit higher we also have to conquer. Please also pay attention to the RSI . As you can see, for a really long time we've had trouble surpassing the RSI 50 level, which acts a heavy resistance. Also take a look at the volume bars which are declining in height.

The MACD has just made a cross, which means the bulls are taking over. Despite of that, D4's advice for you guys is still to be patient, when it comes to buying Ripple.

It will indeed be a hard struggle for Ripple the next couple of days. D4 will follow up on this later!

D4 looooooves yoou <3

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评论: We are now seeing how Ripple are getting rejected hard. RSI is again turning down and the bullish MACD-cross didn't help us, which D4 predicted!

Ripple is failing once once again!

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评论: Ripple is STILL on thin ice. XRP were against all odds, and it just fell right after I gave you the warning. We now have an opportunity to go through an inverse HS pattern. This pattern seem to be created on many charts.

BUT... don't count on this scenario will play out. As D4 has stressed many times. Altcoins usually follow Bitcoin. Everything points in the direction that BTC will very soon go lower, and down under 8k, so Ripple will probably also go down, and will not get the opportunity to take advantage of the inverse HS pattern.

We still want to be patient at the moment.

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评论: Ripple is still struggling. D4s prediction was spot on. As you can see we went up and finished the the right shoulder of the inverse HS pattern, BUT due to the MA20 we got rejected right after and had a bounce back.

XRP are still having a hard time trying to find it self under the 78,6 % retracement level. It's never a fun place to be.

D4s advice for you guys is to still be patient. Ripple is weak atm.

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Yes D4 spot on:) great and we listened
Can't believe I just stumbled upon this awesomeness! Following! :)
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@info63, Means a lot to me :)
ripple is bitcoin shadow
Finally have enough reputation points to post comments. Thank you D4!
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D4rkEnergY Cryptopile
@Cryptopile, Thx a lot, man :)
D4, always a plesure to read your analysis...
D4rkEnergY alpergucer
@alpergucer, Ty sir :)
alpergucer D4rkEnergY
@D4rkEnergY, could you please check my BTCUSD idea and advise your comments?
great study.
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