We can go more insane ! FIBS of the future

You can call me what you want... I present the future...
XRP isn't dead... the world is investing in Ripple ... and the coin will follow...
But of-course.. what's the point to make moongraphs now right?
... it's fun !
评论: I'm in insane mode today I guess.. :-)
too much single malt.. but too good..
评论: so far so good I would say
Question is, what will drive XRPs movement in the future? Real world application/value or a rising Bitcoin? Currently and in the past, a bit of both, you agree? But lately, it’s mostky dragged down by BTC regardless of goood news.

If BTC sees $4-5k, does XRP see .30-.40¢? And if BTC goes to $50k, what do u realistically see XRP at?

How important is XRP being adopted and used by real banks to its rise in value over the next year? Thanks!
@surfit, This time it is different...XRP used to moon while BTC made it's correction right after the top... remember.. looks exactly the same now... I circled both jumps with a green circle...if BTC goes down now, XRP will hesitate as long as possible ... if BTC goes below previous low... XRP will dip as well, but it will be lightning... like a falling knife like they say... if you missed some opportunities... you can try to catch it, but I believe we are in a real trend-reversal... XRP is climbing the mount Everest for a second time.. with some stops and pull backs, just we're not sure about the top yet...
@surfit, Eventually XRP should become more effective as a paying method... and they are not talking too much as Mr. Roger Ver and his BCH... they are doing it... ETH should actually take the place of BTC, as it is a better platform, every coin should serve its real purpose, but BTC is just too much of a brand and it would take years before the mass will understand how crypto actually works, but on the other hand, more and more people start to learn.
I am quite sure XRP will be top, so will XLM, XVG,TRX, IOTA, EOS, etc.
XRP is not used by the banks, because it is too risky... and the banks want a stable currency, but they could have invested already, that's something else.
It is not ment to swap all the fiat money at once... then there wouldn't be enough supply I think... that's actually the only matter that concerns me... the control of the supply of XRP !
There is one very happy new CEO guy (Brad Garlinghouse) already... as he owns 6.3 % in Ripple... and Ripple owns 60 billion of the 100 billion coins.. let's hope for the better good !
They want to implement XRP's technology, so if all banks agree to use that technology instead of paying too much to the SWIFT maffia... they opt for the cheapest and safest transfer technology of-course...

And I wouldn't count on the news too much.. good TA is more important... and smart money... but smart money follows the best technical analysts... so... what do you think :-)
Deayta Wolverinos
@Wolverinos, Thanks for the analysis.
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