As you can see by the chart- Ripple was a clear pump and dump setup- almost too perfect.

You can see the volume slowly ramp up from virtually nothing, and on the way up various volume "peaks" (buy volume spike until a certain level then an equal sell volume spike). This is the price being, quite literally, artificially pumped. As we reach our final cashout level the market is running on air, and as seen at the top there are multiple empty spikes- a clear indicator the bulls are out of steam and the pump is being distributed. This is the final blow.

One the way down volume falls along with price- the dump is over and all big money is out. You can see small spikes as late money tries to make a bullish play (weirdly at most cashout levels) but obviously getting pummeled. Pump and dump over, rest in piece Ripple.

Until the next pump that is....

SIDE NOTE: Many may jump and say XRP's market cap was too big for a pump and dump. This is false. The market cap was gigantic simply due to the fact XRP is heavily centralized and tons of currency was "produced"... the market cap grew as the pump grew. The market cap correlation (as used with stock pump and dump analysis) cannot be applied to a Crypto like Ripple.
交易手动结束: This isn't much a trade as it is an analysis- Goodluck to the XRP traders!
评论: And people still tried to defend this as something other than it was.
Not to say there's not merit to this Crypto, but jeez people look at the chart.
Stay away.
评论: Still check on this chart every once and awhile as a reminder: DON'T FALL VICTIM TO THE MASS OPINION. Crypto experts running with XRP saying it could hit 10, 20, 50, 100 even. Do the research, do the work, and ignore the panic. This was nothing more than speculation and a "pump". Watch for these in the markets, especially new fads like Crypto.

This is a constant reminder- never join while something is exploding. It usually doesn't work out in the end.
Yeah- for those still not convinced... please rethink this "crypto currency"
I agree with the analysis! I am already set to buy in @ .245 when the coin falls to .226
samblum_ WizardOfRealms
@WizardOfRealms, glad you liked the analysis! what do you mean set to but at .245 when it falls to .226
@samblum_, I know that xrp is falling to .226 I am buying at .245 (to be certain my buy order fully fulfills. This is what I meant to say.
@samblum_, My ta:
samblum_ WizardOfRealms
@WizardOfRealms, Oh I think I understand. So you're buying on the way down? So as it falls to .226 you'll buy at .245? Interesting technique
@samblum_, yes ty
Its going up again and it will make new highs and we will be rich, have you buy some? or are you staying out looking and talking about us like those people who pump and dump the market?
samblum_ FernandoMocer
@FernandoMocer, I'm confused as to what you're even asking me
@samblum_, Well seems you are right it was a false pump. Going to wait for buying low
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