Ripple Market Cycle - Tankstation in sight

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If you buy Ripple on 0.888 you are not an idiot. Buy the dips and whats the most important - don´t be scared and HODL.
评论: We are getting near our Buy Range. This is amazing
bought the depression
Blows my mind with all the positive news coming out for Ripple the past month or so that we’re still living in the gutter. What do you think is the issue? Poor sentiment/fear in the crypto markets in general?
@TheGush, If you look the past charts you will see this movements are normal, Its not about that, by this week or next in a period of 15 days no more we will see 2.2. Hold because we are about to wake up, If we break .65 we shall go down but thats not probable and it wouldn't be normal
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Damir10 TheGush
@TheGush, everybody´s speaking about manipulation, fear and other stuff, but in the end it´s a normal movement and it hapens all the time - up and down. Trade big picture, don´t be in hurry, set your goals and you will make profit. Wish you all the best
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