STILL BEARISH, Believe will hit .226 cents, Buy order set @ .249

2705 35
3 Day chart, Lower Bollinger Band is @ - .02620 (NEGATIVE STILL.)
And, has not met with the price currently (a long way to go.)
I know that this is a laggard indicator, however... it still moves in real time like all other indicastors
and is the best proof of our current dilemma. BEARISH SCENARIO.

We will see it drop quickly then bounce between now and February 12th, 2018.
EVIDENCE is seen in the ICHIMOKU CLOUDS ... (No obstruction to the .226 level.)
Will drop like a "falling knife."

It may briefly touch then skyrocket back up like a sling shot.
I have seen this setup before on a much lower scale. I believe it is coming!

Be cautious, its' your money on the line.
This IS a BULL TRAP. Trade at your own risk.

The Wiz
评论: as compared to last weeks bar... lower high... lower low...
评论: Update: 5:55am 2/5/18
The LOWER BOLLINGER BAND is at NEGATIVE (-.04464) of XRP "3 Day-Chart."

Others say its to much of a laggard to be considered.
Please note: It still moves in "REAL TIME."

I am not a Day-Trader therefore I don't advocate trading within the Bollinger Bands because as others have said - Crypto does not run like regular stocks and is HIGHLY VOLATILE. I have learned my lesson.

I trade on Bollinger Bands.
The reason I am pointing out the 3 Day Chart is specifically to show that the LOWER BOLLINGER BAND has not yet been touched. Look at the 3 day chart for Bitcoin w/ Bollinger Bands and you will witness that it has touched and is pushing downward further. Then, look at XRP same way and you will have to convince yourself of the harsh reality.

I do not trade on a regular basis using the 3 day chart, I would be using the 1 day chart however when it comes to accuracy on the TOP BOLLINGER BAND w/. ICHIMOKU CLOUDS when I am about to exit the trade.

With respect to BTC... August 25th, 2017...\BTC was at $4400 and XRP was at .195 ... currently $4958.68 is where I see BTC going and it could hit: $3531.84
For everyone, please note: I am reading this on the charts... not making it up.
XRP follows BTC currently (you can verify this by switching between the two) ON ANY TIME FRAME.

Yes, the coin will bounce and move upward!
But be aware, THE "12 HOUR CHART" IS VERY NASTY! A LOWER LOW consistently.
Verify this w/ ICHIMOKU CLOUDS ACTIVE. Look at the current drop on RED CLOUD then scale out using the red cloud... It has "3 TIMES MORE OF A DROP LEFT TO GO HERE.

Good luck to those who trade within the bands...
I am not good at it as the crypto is unpredictable more me.
We are still in a BEAR MARKET!

What goes through a RED CLOUD must go through a GREEN CLOUD and vice versa... The lower time frames have fooled me too many times... The LONGER TIME FRAMES are MORE ACCURATE because "you can see the whole picture."

On the 3 day chart...
There is no obstruction (no clouds) between the top and the bottom = .226
I have seen this occur on a much lower scale.
I know it is very hard to accept... I understand that. It was for me too!

The coin passes from top Bollinger band to bottom Bollinger band and vice versa on any time frame always. HOWEVER, on XRP's 3 Day chart, it hasn't yet. W/ BTC it has, but is pushing lower.

XRPS' downfall is not yet complete.
If it were, I promise you I'd be a buyer right now.

I am not by myself going to convince you if you are a BULL at present all by myself because we all have been wrong many times. I am asking you to see it for yourself!

3 Day chart...
Bollinger Bands...
Ichimoku Clouds...

30 min time frame for XRP and BTC...
12 Hour chart time frame... XRP and BTC
1 Day chart... XRP and BTC

3 Day Chart... BTC then look at XRP.

The Wiz
评论: I am still a buy @ .24902

Nothing has changed EXCEPT...
BITCOIN is tumbling. And ALTS are following... BTC was $6230.00 as of this writing...

While I do anticipate the fall to .226 in XRP no later than February 12th...
THATS' BECAUSE: "The 12th is the last day within the DOWNWARD TRIANGLE."
It COULD happen sooner...

Looking at the 12 hour chart,
Its' downward slope "itchimoku clouds" continues... to February 18th, 2018 (7pm.)
I cannot see further past this as of yet.

The 1 Day chart -
The coin is red and pushing lower on the lower Bollinger Band.

The 3 Day Chart -
Indicating at moment a flattening more so of the lower Bollinger
Caused by the coins further dramatic drop.

XRP could go lower than .226
HOWEVER, I personally do not know how low it could go and do not want to SPECULATE in fear of not trigger the BUY PRICE.

I have set my BUY ORDER to: .25 cents
to be certain it is triggered.

At time of writing:
XRP hit .59 cents and is just .34 cents to target.

I wish all of you well and
May the FORTUNES be with you!
评论: Be aware guys: XRP may jump up as much as .30 cents (IT MAY) but then it is a BULLTRAP that will come back down during the next three days... enticing many to believe that it had recovered... when it hasn't. = More money lost.

I am no longer a DAY TRADER so I await patiently for the bottom.
This is only EDUCATIONAL advice.
评论: It could hit .95 cents but it will drop from there... just please be aware...
评论: I drew a HORIZONTAL LINE and it shows weirdly enough that the drop could continue until February 23rd... HEADS UP. This is just before the Ichimoku Cloud Green line up!
评论: Correction ... more like a 90 Degree downward.
评论: Dog Gone it! - meant a 45 degree line - ANYWAYS...
The lower Bollinger has moved to: POSITIVE (+ .01787)
I still see this as another Bull Trap because, it must touch if not slightly be above the ichimoku cloud line which has slightly lowered to: .22549 from .226
We are still not out of the woods yet.

Good luck to all - keep an eye on the lower 3 day Bollinger Band!
And, may the fortunes be with you!

oh, and I like this chart:
Better to be safe than sorry...
Set my buy order @ .28

the Wiz
评论: I AM SEEING NOW the lowest fib retracement @ .23292
to gain the maximum coinage for XRP

The Wiz
评论: Good morning Globe:
I am still bearish...

Still... My post says XRP may go up to between .95 and 1.00 - I am not a day trader... it will indeed be a BULL TRAP and come back down.

The moment you get itchy to buy is generally when it goes in the opposite direction... This is only the SECOND DAY of the 3 Day Bar on the 3 Day Chart...
The day after tomorrow if not tomorrow - should be a down day.

These are not only my thoughts, there are 4 others with charts out there saying the same thing. Look at the 3 Day chart, Ichimoku clouds and Bollinger Band settings... If you could draw a Triangle down from the top and from the bottom.. it is still bearish - be cautious with your money.

The Wiz
评论: The Lower Bollinger Band is @ POSITIVE (+ .03590)
Well below the RED LINE Cloud.
评论: It is looking as of now that the TARGET DATE (might) be Feb. 14th - 20th "for the low" looking at my graph with the intersecting lines on the BITSTAMP 3 Day Chart. Check it for yourself to be sure.
评论: It could go to $1.07 but I don't know that.
I do know it is going down to near if not the .22549

Lowest Fib currently is: .23973 on the 4 Hour Chart
评论: Every one says "ITS MARKET MANIPULATION CAUSING IT TO GO DOWN" so, "why is it that NO ONE MAY THINK it is causing it to go up?

Its' THE BOTS in all exchanges doing this either way
Read the chart for yourself to be safe and see if we concur.

Every investment involves certain risks where as you could stand to lose an entire investment. I am not a consultant. These charts are purely for my dillusionment. LoL

Be cautious guys!
Its your money!

I am on the sidelines until then due to quick volatility.

The Wiz.
评论: Still on sidelines... still believe going lower.... Lower Bollinger Band on 3 Day chart has dropped to: POSITIVE (+ .02752) Buy in still set @ .245
评论: Good morning Globe... 5:32 am eastern here with your XRP update.

You will recall that TODAY (is the 3rd day) or OF THE 4 DAY CHART.
If today stays GREEN, I am certain tomorrow should not. Tomorrow and the following 2 days after that... (NEXT CANDLE) should turn RED for at least 3 days...

CURRENTLY... "we are on the 3rd day" of this run."
Candles on either side within the bollingers AGAIN are all red.
We are not yet through with XRP going down in a slow drip.
The HIGHEST SO FAR on these 3 days was .825 cents

WHILE the 2 HOUR and 4 HOUR CHARTS look impressive w/ The PRICE appearing to just be above the BLUE LINE... be cautious...
If you are on the 3 day chart, have Bollinger bands and ichimoku cloud settings selected... AND IF YOU HAVE DRAWN YOUR DIAGNOL LINES on TOP and on BOTTOM of the HIGHS and LOWS... you will: NOTICE THAT THE PRICE on the 2 HR. and 4 HR. charts... is still within the range.

On the 2 HR, looks like the high would be around: .79732 to .81510
On the 4 HR. looks like the high would be around: .79298 w/ MAX .88098

On the 6 HR. Chart the high may be around .79591 to .93510
On the 12 HR. Chart the high may be around .81894 to 1.06635

On the 1 Day Chart the high may be around .84294 to .90421
On the 3 Day Chart the high could be around .97484
The LAGGARD 3 DAY CHART shows that the BLUE LINE is still well above the price and diagonally following the price as it is going down to the .226 fib line.
AS long as the price stays below this line and has not yet met w/ THE LOWER BOLLINGER BAND... and is under the DIAGNOL LINES I drew above and below price... I SEE NO SUPPORT
评论: The LOWER BOLLINGER BAND on the 3 Day Chart is currently @ POSITIVE (+ .03071)
Still well under the .226 and my auto BUY-IN @ .245

Current trend is BEARISH.
With TARGET being met between NOW Feb 8th, 2018 and Feb. 20th at the LATEST.
HOWEVER, I still believe based on the weekly chart that we may very well hit our TARGET on or about FEB. 12TH.

I was joking with my wife yesterday about the VALENTINES DAY MASACRE! Feb 14th! The stock markets are over valued in my opinion and the current shake up - I don't believe is over. CRYPTOCURRENCIES are not SAFE HAVENS. Physical GOLD and Physical SILVER in your possession are.

I will update as is necessary to keep you informed.

This is my approach to buying in on XRP before going long.

You are trading at your own risk.

And may good fortunes be with you!
The Wiz
评论: After 7pm eastern (is a new day) new bar/candle on 3 Day Chart.
within those 3 days I see the low around: .37153 and the high around .78279
Between: Feb. 8th 7:01pm and Feb 11th 7:01pm eastern

I will not trade in this range because of HIGH VOLATILITY.

Again, trade at your own risk and be careful.
The Wiz
评论: Okay Guys...
Please fully read this and do not skip over It!
I just found an article that was written yesterday and fully supports what I have been saying:

评论: Testing my current 3 Day Chart link: https://db.tt/PNfIoBv1k8
评论: It works! You can download it and then expand it Guys.
You will see the downward trend that I am seeing.
评论: Buy order is safely set at .25 now
评论: Second chart is the normal way I see it... not stretched - https://db.tt/PNfIoBv1k8
评论: Sorry, this link is to the non-stretched Version: https://db.tt/T1i4h4Bjb4
评论: apparently it can be downloaded (or) expanded to view better.
评论: Look at the 12 Hour Chart w/ the same triangle overlay!
It is in a down trend until (as far as I can see) Feb 21st @ 7pm

Glad this is working and I can show mu ideas...

The Wiz
https://db.tt/5PRrOAvH5Q (12 hr. chart)
You're not wrong you're correct. XRP is headed sub .30c as we've been saying for a few weeks hate mail and all and there will be MANY stuck longs in this name.
+3 回复
WizardOfRealms london55555
@london55555, Thanks again London55555!!!
Are you a wizard ?
@non-hop, I was a member of Classic Wizard back in 1981 through 1985 - so yeah... :))
+2 回复
Those are a lot of numbers to remember lol.... so let me sure I got this right from today till the 11th we going to bounce around .37 to .78???
@abelgalaz, I believe so
@abelgalaz, today after 7:01pm eastern till Feb. 11th... BEFORE MORE DOWNFALL
abelgalaz WizardOfRealms
@WizardOfRealms, what about the other numbers you posted talking about all the way to the $1 mark...or are those the numbers we passed like 4 days ago or so
@abelgalaz, it is to describe what each chart (timeframe) is stating nothing more... sorry for any confusion.
abelgalaz WizardOfRealms
@WizardOfRealms, all
good thanks for the info as you can tell a newbie to your kind of charts
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