Verge [XVGBTC] Trading Opportunities

BINANCE:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
Verge Trade based on direction of breakout from Symmetrical Triangle.

  • In case of upward breakout, we will see good trading opportunity to sell on 3 target prices:
Target 1: 0.00001589
Target 2: 0.00002011
Target 3: 0.00002548

* Maximum expected profit 150% in case if you entered at 1050.
评论: Quick training:
评论: Price trying to break support line in downward direction. Price could drop to next support area 660-800
交易结束:到达止损: STOP LOSS, support area for short term trades on chart:
Trading Coach Sessions
With Artem Shevelev you will
* Take your emotions control to the next level
* Boost your technical skills
* Maximize productivity
* Grow your profits geometrically

More info at
+1 回复
any new updates ? looks like we bounced off of 800
+2 回复
You don't factor into your analysis Verge's tendency to shoot itself in the foot.
thanks for the idea, following u as of now
Thumbs up for some good TA and for following your plan. Respect. I appreciate you updating the idea too.
+2 回复
Good analysis. Please do your own research people. He has provided all the information needed to make a calculated decision. Chart the coins yourself and you can see if it's above support in real time. Support lines are not definitive but are zones. A support line can be crossed without it being broken. Also it is still within support
XVG break out ?...
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