Verge vs. Bitcoin Strategy for January

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
XVGBTC Price formed triangle
Buy on support line, sell on resistance.

I got Two Entry price and Two Target for this Setup:

  • Entry for XVGBTC: 1000

Target: 1456 (46%)


Entry for XVGBTC after Triangle Breakout: 1500

Target: 2811 (90%)
交易开始: Moving to the first entry
交易开始: XVG Verge near entry 1000
评论: if price break down triangle it will retrace to lower support levels
评论: We touched support line of triangle, no we waiting for bounce, good time to pick up some verges.
评论: Looks like we going to break support in next few hours. Support zone is 600 - 850
交易开始: Good action near support line. i buy small bag now
交易开始: We can see Pullback from support level. If your have bought at 1000 your Target: 1456 (46%)
Anyway, you can join now to get target 1.
Use capital management.
交易开始: Trade still active until support line isn't broken.
交易结束:到达止损: Breaking Support line
交易开始: Support line holding a price!
I will open a trade using 25%!
交易开始: Targets active!
Target 1: 1356

Entry for XVGBTC after Triangle Breakout: 1400
Target 2: 2811 (90%)
交易开始: Breakout Signal!
交易结束:到达目标: Target 1 DONE!
Target 2 active
评论: If line 8/1 will be broken it's safe to enter for second target
评论: when the price is above the 8/1 line, then this will mean a move towards the target
评论: If you have XVGs, be ready at any moment
评论: It still can't break 8/1 Gann resistance line
评论: bounced from the support
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i want to buy this coin but so many people said its very risky and its keep going down more and more.
ramijabbar elke111
@elke111, this is a perfecttt time to buy dont miss out id take the risk!
+1 回复
elke111 ramijabbar
@ramijabbar, dont know man,something inside me shouting me to buy it but im a newbie small budget trader..if it goes bad i lost my everything (0.05 btc)...
dont know but i want to go in.. :/
also thank you for attention MAN
ramijabbar elke111
@elke111, i started off with .05 also and i always invest in these type of coins just make sure you set up a stop loss that way you wont lose much.. i started in august of last year and i now have .70 and if this coin jumps that will tirn into atleast 1.4 and if it goes down my stop loss will sell and ill have .60 i think the risk is worth it
+1 回复
elke111 ramijabbar
@ramijabbar, dont know man..i wish all you guys a full of luck and success..but dont know :/
Very good sign. See you at the moon:)
+1 回复
Agetob tuanpham1368
+1 回复
now where is the resistance?
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