XVERGE the new trading channel

BINANCE:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
xvg is one of my favorite coins but last time it wasn't lucky very much ...
we now can confirm a start of new uptrend channel and the end of downtrend channel ..

by looking at the chart we can see how it going there is nothing big there it all simple ,,, for more action i can say all what we need now is some good signals to make a big deal with XVEREG .

it can't move always as i pointed at the chart but all what we know now is it will move .

at the moment i see some correcting and i think it will take a move with ABC as RSI Indicator telling me
MACD says that there is chance to break this trading channel to edit the track of it making it higher and better .

if i see some good acts from you i will keep updating this idea as best as i can

thanks for your time and reading

note : i will tell you later what is the best time to get in
评论: this is another channel ... if XVG breaks this one too .. it will be bullish signal .
then we will point the targets
交易结束:到达目标: target reached ....

this explain when breakout will be confirmed ... near 900sats
for now entry can be inside the channel ....
评论: this was in the main analysis ...
"it can't move always as i pointed at the chart but all what we know now is it will move . "
Still on track ;)
What is the driver behind the XVG pump...? Is there an event on the near horizon?
thanks for your idea. At which point you consider the channel to be broke and expect more growth? .00000850?
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@MuMPiTz, last update is for you
thanks for comment
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MuMPiTz MuhammadKarzoun
looks like your channel is going well
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