QUICK UPDATE: D4s Take on Verge- You Might Soon Want To Buy XVG!

BINANCE:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
Hello Friends!

D4rkEnergYs followers on Twitter has requested his take on Verge! And you guys know how it works. D4rkEnergY is here for you guys. D4 is here to serve you. He is here to make you happy, and to spread love and wisdom! <3

Let's jump right into it! We are here taking a look at the 1D XVGBTC Chart! You can see, we had our Elliott Waves 1-5 back in December, when we had the golden month of cryptos. Hereafter we have had a steady downward movement with a Fibonacci retracement on more than 80 % March the 7th ( green arrow).

We are in a serious downtrend with the EMA50 and EMA100 way over us. We are currently in a descending wedge , and are at this very moment trying to penetrate the resistance line.

I want to you to take notice of the red circles. Verge tends to make a spike after a big fall or after a period of less volatility and declining volume . D4 has also compared this chart to the BTCUSD Chart, and have come to the conclusion, that Verge makes these spikes if BTC either goes sideways or up.

So here is D4s advice for you guys:

1. Be patient. Wait and see if Verge manage to break out with good volume . Wait for the bullish MACD-cross, and you can enter a long position. You can probably make a 10-15 % on this trade. Remember to monitor the BTCUSD chart. If BTC starts to crash, you want to get out.

2. If you don't daytrade, and just want to invest in Verge and want to HODL, the green box might be a good buy zone for you. D4 has determined this based on earlier price action. We expect BTC soon to go lower, and therefore Verge will do the same.

D4 loves you <3

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评论: Guys, sorry for all the spam. TradingView has been down. So please do me a favor and like this chart.

Thx in advance!! <3
评论: As you can see, we are in a critical moment for Verge at the moment. We are here taking a close look at the 4h XVGBTC Chart.

We have a chance to break out from the descending wedge. If we do, you have the an opportunity to make some money on this trade. We might make one the famous spikes, Verge tend to do after a time of less volume and less volatility.

But as you can see, we are also trapped in a HS pattern, which can take us even lower.

If that will be the case, the green box is still your buy zone for now!

D4 loves you <3

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评论: Verge is trying to fight EMA20! There might be some trading possibilities here if we get this rocket started. Try to monitor this chart closely, guys!

D4 is here for you <3

评论: D4rkEnergY made 45 % Profit on this trade. Do you remember, when I told you to buy in the green buy zone, IF we didn't broke out from the wedge.

Cachiiing! D4 loves you <3


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Excellent call. There is resistance at the 100EMA and probable deathcross. What do you think longterm?
megalo99 imkeshav
@imkeshav, check their twitter. new website out by end of the month, new iOS wallet out soon, and some strange announcement that may or may not be a big deal.
imkeshav megalo99
@megalo99, Thanks
D4rkLoRD is there an update on this trade
+2 回复
This is awesome I was able to buy the Dip last night! Thanks for this annalysis, if it wasn’t for it I would have missed the opportunity! Thanks D!
@D4rkEnergY Thank you for this analysis. Is there any change in your view cq. an update on the chart?
looking pretty decent. im still nervous to jump on alts till i have confirmation nowadays.
Would love a little Verge breakout, seems to happen once a month! haha
ElijahScottMiller Timothie_Roggers
@Timothie_Roggers, can i have a ferrari instead?
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