(Short Term) XVG End Sprint Tonight!

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
I have been following XVG for a while now, as well as its latest update called the Wraith Protocol.
Wraith Protocol basically allows true anonymity by hiding transactions from the Verge blockchain, making it the stealthiest coin of all.
Because of that, XVG has been climbing for a while already. But the real explosion is about to happen in my opinion.
I noticed multiple large buy orders at the 116 - 120 range today, accumulating for (most likely) tonight.
It's going to be volatile and it's going to be rough, but real short-term profit will be possible.

Check when the Wraith Protocol is due here:

Once the wraith protocol releases, XVG will likely decline in price (until all criminals in the world start using XVG due to truly anonymous transactions), lul! =P
评论: 1:06AM : XVG is getting destroyed. So much for the analysis for now =')
It might still happen a few hours later though.
I guess I'll place a sell order at 130 and go to bed =(
交易开始: XVG reached the 90 - 100 support and it held! Price will gradually go up today. At the moment of writing it's already 110+ Keep paying attention to this coin as I have no idea how high it will go or how often it will still crash.
交易结束:到达止损: XVG major support got breached. XVG is done for now =(
nice to know the fundamentals. But we see again and again that if you know and anticipate something, so does everyone.

Dow Theory - Market discounts all news. (particularly those which are listed like that for everyone to read).
TristanWeber vickygautam
@vickygautam, Thank you for your comment. That's indeed something to think about.
I bought at 122... I'm just going to hold. What is the lowest it can go and for how long do you think it will last at the low points?
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TristanWeber mightytrader
@mightytrader, There should be some major support at around 102.
But for now, yeah.. I suppose you can hold. Better than selling now. It'll turn back up in a few days after Wraith comes out anyway.
mightytrader TristanWeber
@TristanWeber, If it breaks support... I'm still holding... It will just put a pause in my trading. This is a good coin. I take too many trades and need to break from it for a while to study TA. Day-to-day is too intense.
mightytrader TristanWeber
@TristanWeber, And thank you for the reply! =)
TristanWeber mightytrader
@mightytrader, I just woke up and the whole coin went to shit. Then again, Wraith isn't launched yet. No idea what they are doing. I'm holding too.
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mightytrader TristanWeber
@TristanWeber, I KNEW I should have set my limit order to upper 90's last night... but was too tired... (stupid excuse). It PUMPed back up to like 112.

Anyway, I sold my position last night. I've decided there's a lot of money to be made on the PUMP & DUMPS like POT coin. Now some Credit Card coin or something is being PUMPed. Something new everyday.

But the reason Verge DUMPED was because of people's SL's triggering while they were asleep.
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TristanWeber mightytrader
@mightytrader, Yeah, there is a good chance in that. I just went into PIVX with a substantial sum of my BR. Also made an analysis on it. I hope that one goes better than this one :')
mightytrader TristanWeber
@TristanWeber, What does "BR" stand for?

I bought PIVX yesterday... but I sold it when I realized it seemed to be in a range and I don't know when anything new is coming out. Anyway, I am in 1stBlood coin right now because they will have a product launch in a couple weeks.
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