VERGE XVG on Binance to Explode $2.50 over Anonymity (LOW RISK)

BITTREX:XVGUSD   Verge / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Verge is one of those coins we have in our portfolio for a long long hold. This is a very impressive coin to have whether you have 100 of investable ability to 100,000

I will not go into talking about indicators and so on, since more shorter term charts are to come.

All we can say is, LET'S GO VERGE!


If you're a member, get ready for signals and updates!

Do not invest what you can't afford to lose. We are not your financial advisors if you didn't know.
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评论: Verge is in accumulation stage with most indicators looking neutral currently


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Some upd? =)
xvg, trx : same boat.
They lost confidence of their hodl-ers in january.
Not like XMR.
Verge is a shitcoin. I wouldn’t hold it for longer than a week
@hajon, what makes you think that?
MFINITI AlbertoOliveiraFilho
@AlbertoOliveiraFilho, They missed 4 consecutive deadlines for Wraith Protocol. The month leading up to New Years had them telling everyone Wraith Protocol would be their gift to us and released at midnight on New Years. They literally pounded this down our throats with tweets upon tweets, causing the price to pump. The price then dropped because they did not release Wraith Protocol on New Years. They released a broken version twenty five days later. Everyone lost 50% of their investment. They do not have integrity. They do not keep their word. They are not reliable. When they finally launched Wraith Protocol, it did not have a button for Wraith Protocol, still does not, they promised it would. Over and over again they say one thing and do another. Zero user friendly functionality. The wallet looks like absolute shit. Installing the wallet is a headache.
@MFINITI, Don't get attached to missed deadlines. Overall it is a great cryptocurrency - if you're patient, you will see great growth, maybe even get a wraith yourself ))
wazzmatazz MFINITI
@MFINITI, The technology works, its new and actively being improved upon which is what an investor wants to see. They are actively marketing themselves as well which is also evident on their twitter account. It is already being accepted by some retailers too. Its a unique coin.
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wazzmatazz wazzmatazz
@wazzmatazz, Lets also not forget the speed of the transfers.
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wazzmatazz wazzmatazz
@wazzmatazz, Latest commit towards the wraith wallet was 2 days ago. This coin is growing brother slow but steady.
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