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hi wave , new here! just wanna ask . do u think it will go back down again? cause everything looks like it goinbg green. all the good news and the G20...
@Wave-Trader Hi Wave, so we will need to wait untill the candle touch the bottom support? 0.021or 0.0172?
@jzkg, yes wait
With all due respect (I generally find your BTC and forex ideas thoughtful), I am a little skeptical about whether all these altcoins will reach the same heights as they once reached through a hype. There is a very real chance that some of them will end up in the dustbin of sh*tcoins in the long run. Despite this, of course, with a disposable amount of money they can be worth a shot...
@Domsax48, you just need to get one on the target thats it. If all are not going to hit your target one will be enough. I have just posted 4. We are looking for almost 20 coins to hold them for longer term. One off them should hit the target. I dont think so all 20 will go to 0. There was not hype. This market is in early stages. So in longer term lot of potential is there.
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So we have technically retraced over 100% as of now? It’s .036¢, which is below your 100% fib.

I got burned bad by XVG. I bought a LOT of it around the ATH (~.23¢, literally 5 minutes after Wraith announcement, which surprisingly to me destroyed this coin).

So it would have to do your 100% again for me to just make my money back. I suppose I could go Martingale and try and make back that loss, but explain to me why XVG will go anywhere in the next weeks/months? I know there is a lot of news on the pipe, but from personal experience, major milestones do nothing to help the value of this coin. Would you have seen the Wraith release (after so much time waiting for it) cause the coin’s value to plummet? I can assure you, it did. Very quickly.

So until I hear a convincing argument otherwise, I am not buying back in. I just sold and cut my losses. I was not ready to miss all the investment opportunities in the next 6 months with that money tied up in XVG when it has done nothing but go down or sideways.

I’m open minded though, so let me have it.
@TheGush, Ask me after 8 to 10 months why i was bullish on it. Sorry mat if you are not convinced with the chart then ignore it.
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@TheGush, This has much to do with overall market performance. @Wave-Trader is providing us opportunities here. Take your pick. Overall market will return to December levels and very likely at least half of these coins will follow suit and return to previous highs. DO NOT MISS the current prices.
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Wave-Trader PRO residentronpaul
@residentronpaul, Correct. Thanks for explaining mate.
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