YUM Gartley pattern, butterfly pattern, and inside day!

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NYSE:YUM   Yum! Brands, Inc.
With the volatility is going wilder, I usually turn to some defensive stocks like consumer goods, retailers, and restaurants!

Here we got this YUM, the blue bullish butterfly pattern just hit the entry and formed an inside day;
Also, there is a bigger green Gartley pattern entry near 78.00.

Accordingly, if the inside day is able to break to the upside on Monday, it's the 1st shot to take some long;
With such defensive stock, we don't really need to put the out at the inside day low if you aren't trade with crazy leverage.
So, put the out below 75.00 and take some more from the Gartley will be my plan yo!

If the inside day breaks to the downside, the butterfly long doesn't exist anymore; but the Gartley remains available!

Let's see how it goes!
broke to the downside and about to hit the big Gartley, wait for reversal sign yo

nice bounce off the Gartley! Here we got this hourly double bottom as important reversal sign also!

Hit TP2 of the gartley yo!
Let's take some profit here!