1JAS Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Topix 1x Short Daily Etp 3039.000.91%27.50卖出30
1PAS Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Palladium 1x Short Daily Etp 43.45-1.26%-0.56卖出11
2OIS Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Wti Oil 2x Short Daily Etp 44.52-9.59%-4.72卖出50
2SFT Sg Issuer Sg Ftse 100 X2 Daily Short Gbp 84.09-0.30%-0.25卖出0
3BAS Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Euro Stoxx Banks 3x Short Daily 1243.750.75%9.25卖出8.136K
3BRS Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Brent Oil 3x Short Daily Etp 12.16-10.14%-1.37强烈卖出200
3EMS Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Emerging Markets 3x Short 20.01-1.50%-0.30卖出30
3ITS Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Ftse Mib 3x Short Daily 732.50-8.98%-72.25卖出9.076K
3SEM Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Emerging Markets 3x Short 1420.75-1.93%-28.00卖出60
3SUL Etfs Commodity Securities Limited Etfs 3x Daily Long Sugar 16.89-9.04%-1.68强烈卖出2.700K
3TYL Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Us Treasuries 10 Y 7618.50-0.21%-16.00卖出0
3ULS Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost S&p 500 3x Short Daily 413.100.12%0.50卖出14.119K
3USS Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost S&p 500 3x Short Daily Et 30/11/62 5.69-0.20%-0.01卖出64.048K
500U Amundi Etf Amundi Etf S&p 500 Ucits Etf - B 49.280.09%0.04买入180.000K
53GW Fuller, Smith & Turner Plc 6% 1st Cum Prf #1 88.500.00%0.00中立0305.057M15.390.624722.00Consumer Cyclicals
5DES Sg Issuer Sg Issuer - Sg Dax X5 Daily Short 10.470.00%0.00卖出1.203K
5GOS Sg Issuer Sg Gold X5 Daily Short Gbp 35.02-4.58%-1.68卖出10
5OUS Sg Issuer Sg Wti X5 Daily Short Usd 2.35-17.94%-0.51强烈卖出557
5SFT Sg Issuer Sg Ftse 100 X5 Daily Short Gbp 62.23-0.77%-0.48卖出0
87FZ Aeci Ld 5 1/2% Cum Prf R2 65.750.00%0.00中立0747.576M12.868.296630.00Basic Materials
87IP Witan Investment Trust Plc 3.4% Cum Prf #1 52.500.00%0.00卖出01.974B4.942.247.00Financials
ABA Abaco Capital Plc Ord 0.001p 1.480.00%0.00卖出138.505K17.784M-0.0010.00Financials
ACH Achp Plc Ord 2p 13.000.00%0.00卖出3.891K15.356M66.330.00366.00Financials
AD4 Adept4 Plc Ord 1p 3.55-2.74%-0.10卖出100.000K8.288M-0.0143.00Telecommunications Services
ADAM Adamas Finance Asia Limited Ord Npv (di) 0.760.00%0.00卖出057.974M-0.490.00Financials
AEZD Ezz Steel Company - S.a.e. Gds Each Repr 3 Ord Egp5(reg S) 2.250.00%0.00卖出0484.731M-1.24Basic Materials
AGGP Etfs Commodity Securities Limited Etfs Grains 234.90-1.34%-3.20强烈卖出1.450K
ALY Ashley (laura) Holdings Plc Ord 5p 6.594.27%0.27卖出1.194M45.995M11.490.012392.00Consumer Cyclicals
APT Axa Property Trust Limited Ord Npv 56.750.00%0.00强烈卖出12.746K
ARO Arricano Real Estate Plc Ord Eur0.0005 (di) 0.450.00%0.00卖出046.472M1.470.31117.00Financials
ASCD Asia Cement Corporation Gds (repr 10 Shs Twd10) 11.900.00%0.00买入02.516B17.921.715981.00Basic Materials
ATQT Attraqt Group Plc Ord 1p 31.000.00%0.00卖出22.066K33.506M-0.07Technology
BA69 City Of London Investment Trust Plc 4.2% Cum 1st Prf Stk 87.960.00%0.00中立01.527B7.980.560.00Financials
BBSN Brave Bison Group Plc Ord 0.1p 0.73-6.45%-0.05卖出360.034K4.735M-0.01118.00Technology
BHRD Be Heard Group Plc Ord Gbp0.01 2.150.00%0.00卖出230.057K21.112M-0.0054.00Consumer Cyclicals
BMD Baronsmead Second Venture Trust Plc Ord 10p 86.000.00%0.00卖出2.948K
BUIL Lyxor Index Fund Lyx Ftse Usa Core Infra Etf 74.99-2.20%-1.69卖出1.000K
BWO Barloworld Ld Ord R0.05 590.000.00%0.00买入02.058B18.199.0719201.00Industrials
BYB Byblos Bank S.a.l Gdr (each Repr 50 Com Shs) (reg S) 76.000.00%0.00强烈卖出0955.178M6.850.251520.00Financials
CAT Catco Reinsurance Opportunities Fund Limited Ord Usd0.00013716 (di) 1.000.76%0.01卖出26.556K
CBQS The Commercial Bank Of Qatar (q.s.c.) Gdr (5 Gdr Repr 1 Ord) (reg S) 1.25-37.50%-0.75卖出422.284B58.200.481115.00Financials
CLCN Calculus Vct Plc Ord 1p Rfd 01/03/2018 80.000.00%0.000
CLLN Carillion Plc Ord 50p 14.20-28.95%-5.79卖出46.313M61.096M-2.4831628.00Industrials
CLTV Cellcast Plc Ord 1p 2.40-21.31%-0.65卖出581.527K2.364M5.700.0122.00Consumer Cyclicals
CNG China Nonferrous Gold Limited Ord Usd0.0001 (di) 17.25-4.17%-0.75卖出160.000K69.758M-0.03321.00Basic Materials
COGG Go Ucits Etf Solutions Plc Loim Global Government Go Ucits (eur) 8.49-0.92%-0.08强烈卖出100
CORN Etfs Commodity Securities Limited Etfs Corn 0.83-0.71%-0.01强烈卖出18.300K
CU31 Ishares Vii Plc Ishrs Usd Trsy Bond 1-3yr Etf Usd (acc) 7656.00-0.84%-64.50强烈卖出606
CU71 Ishares Vii Plc Ishrs Usd Trsry Bond 3-7yr Etf Usd (acc) 8981.00-1.41%-128.50强烈卖出5
D4G Downing Four Vct Plc Generalist Ord 0.1p 100.000.00%0.00中立0
D4H Downing Four Vct Plc Healthcare Ord 0.1p 100.000.00%0.00中立0
D4OO Downing Four Vct Plc Dp2011 Gen Ord 0.1p 15.500.00%0.00卖出0
D4SO Downing Four Vct Plc Dp2011 Str Ord 0.1p 10.550.00%0.00卖出0
DBPA Diamond Bank Plc Gdr (each Repr 100 Ord Shs)(cci) 3.400.00%0.00卖出0144.239M13.170.264371.00Financials
DEMG Deltex Medical Group Plc Ord 1p 1.050.00%0.00卖出1.298M3.289M-0.0183.00Healthcare
DEPS Depa Limited Gdr (each Repr 10 Ord) (regs) 2.720.00%0.00卖出0
DFIJ Dairy Farm International Holdings Ld Ord $0.05 5/9 (jersey Reg) 9.170.00%0.00中立07.908B22.740.36180000.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
DO1B Downing Four Vct Plc Dso B Shs 0.1p 12.500.00%0.00卖出0
DO1D Downing Four Vct Plc Dso D Shs 0.1p 30.000.00%0.00卖出0
DOMT Arabian Food Industries Company Domty S.a.e. Gdr (each Repr 5 Ords) (reg S) 2.100.00%0.00卖出0119.726M1930.450.01Consumer Non-Cyclicals
DP2E Downing Two Vct Plc E Share 0.1p 5.000.00%0.00卖出0
DP2K Downing Two Vct Plc K Shs 0.1p 100.000.00%0.00卖出040.305M78.620.010.00Financials
DP3D Downing Three Vct Plc D Share 0.1p 2.550.00%0.00卖出026.973M2.540.010.00Financials
DP3E Downing Three Vct Plc E Share 0.1p 5.000.00%0.00卖出026.973M2.540.010.00Financials
DP3F Downing Three Vct Plc F Shs 0.1p 42.000.00%0.00卖出026.973M2.540.010.00Financials
DP3J Downing Three Vct Plc J Shs 0.1p 100.000.00%0.00中立026.973M2.540.010.00Financials
DSM Downing Strategic Micro-Cap Investment Trust Plc Red Ord Gbp0.001 96.50-0.41%-0.40卖出47.402K
EGMD Evergreen Marine Corporation (taiwan) Ld. Gdr (repr 10 Com Shs Twd10)(reg S) 5.460.00%0.00卖出01.783B11.181.624966.00Industrials
EOG Europa Oil & Gas (holdings) Plc Ord 1p 4.750.00%0.00卖出239.407K14.919M-0.0012.00Energy
EPIS Epistar Corporation Gdr (each Repr 5 Com Shs) (reg S) 3.250.00%0.00卖出01.501B54.831.035729.00Technology
ERNU Ishares Iv Plc Ishs $ Ultrashort Bd Ucits Etf Usd Dist 72.49-0.83%-0.61强烈卖出113
ESC Escape Hunt Plc Ord 1.25p 117.50-0.84%-1.00卖出1.000K23.805MConsumer Cyclicals
FAGR Etfs Commodity Securities Limited Etfs Longer Dated Agriculture 8.31-0.43%-0.04卖出200
FAL Falcon Media House Limited Ord Gbp0.01 7.12-5.00%-0.38卖出57.500K3.948MConsumer Cyclicals
FDI Firestone Diamonds Plc Ord 1p 9.350.00%0.00卖出126.283K46.571M-0.27202.00Basic Materials
FETD Far Eastern New Century Corporation Gds (each Repr 10 Twd10)(reg S) 8.100.00%0.00卖出0
FHP Fandango Holdings Plc Ord Gbp0.001 0.900.00%0.00卖出01.206M2.00Utilities
FLOW Flowgroup Plc Ord 0.1p 0.460.00%0.00卖出727.814K6.477M-0.15296.00Industrials
FPO First Property Group Plc Ord 1p 45.70-1.72%-0.80强烈卖出374.145K54.754M6.700.0747.00Financials
FPP Fragrant Prosperity Holdings Limited Ord Npv (di) 3.250.00%0.00中立0
FRUT Frutarom Industries Ld Gdr Each Repr 1 Ord Nis1.00(regs) 50.000.00%0.00买入04.017B40.197.834748.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
FTAL Ssga Spdr Etfs Europe I Plc Spdr Ftse Uk All-Share Ucits Etf 51.43-0.10%-0.05买入3.021M
FTSD Foresight Solar & Infrastructure Vct Plc D Ord 1p 97.000.00%0.00卖出041.421M16.540.06Financials
GAGG Amundi Etf Amundi Index Barclays Global Agg 500m Dr 4057.00-0.62%-25.50强烈卖出1.464K
GATC Gattaca Plc Ord 1p 245.00-10.91%-30.00卖出111.425K92.223M13.100.23740.00Industrials
GBJP Etfs Foreign Exchange Limited Etfs Long Jpy Short Gbp 3899.00-0.51%-20.00强烈卖出254
GOAL Goals Soccer Centres Plc Ord 0.25p 76.00-2.56%-2.00强烈卖出38.947K59.796M27.990.03746.00Consumer Cyclicals
HAG Hoang Anh Gia Lai Joint Stock Company Gdr (reg S) 0.300.00%0.00卖出0227.005M-36.874734.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
HBO4 Hbos Capital Funding No.4 L.p. 9.54%/fltg Rte Non-Vtg Non-Cum Pref 110.000.00%0.00买入0
HDY Hardy Oil & Gas Plc Ord Usd0.01 14.750.00%0.00卖出3.294K10.831M-0.0921.00Energy
HKLJ Hong Kong Land Holdings Ld Ord Us$0.10(jersey Reg) 7.410.00%0.00卖出012.095B3.222.211621.00Financials
HR1A Hazel Renewable Energy Vct 1 Plc A Shs 0.1p 5.050.00%0.00买入0
HR2A Hazel Renewable Energy Vct 2 Plc A Shs 0.1p 5.050.00%0.00买入0
HRN Hornby Plc Ord 1p 24.200.83%0.20卖出4.117K33.194M-0.13190.00Consumer Cyclicals
HWSL Hadrian's Wall Secured Investments Limited Ord Npv 102.000.00%0.00卖出20.000K125.946M368.230.000.00Financials
HYF Himalayan Fund Nv Ord Eur0.01 35.500.00%0.00卖出0
ICBU Ishares Iii Plc Ishares Intermediate Credit Bond 4.98-1.27%-0.06卖出561
IEGE Ishares Iii Plc Ishrs Eur Govt Bond 0-1yr Etf Eur (dist) 99.42-0.01%-0.01卖出6.893K
IEMB Ishares Ii Plc Ishrs J.p. Morgan $ Em Bond Etf Usd Dist 114.460.22%0.25卖出298.804K
IGSD Ishares Iv Plc Ishs $ Short Dur Corp Bond Etf Usd(dist) 73.21-1.38%-1.02强烈卖出10.000K
IGSS Ig Seismic Services Plc Gdr (each Repr 2 Ords) (reg S) 0.300.00%0.00卖出02.276M-3.3612163.00Basic Materials
IGV Income & Growth Vct (the) Plc Ord 1p 70.00-3.78%-2.75强烈卖出12.975K
INFA Infrastrata Plc Ord 0.01p 0.410.00%0.00卖出1.560M2.154M-0.005.00Energy
ING Ingenta Plc Ord 10p 112.00-12.16%-15.50卖出10.800K21.573M27.690.05138.00Technology
IUSU Ishares V Public Limited Company Ish Sp500 Utilit Sctr Ucits Etf Usd Acc 362.60-1.45%-5.35卖出11.338K
JAR Jardine Matheson Holdings Ld Ord Us$0.25(singapore Reg) 62.350.00%0.00买入50032.575B6.509.60110000.00Industrials
JDS Jardine Strategic Holdings Ld Ord Us$0.05(singapore Reg) 34.410.00%0.00中立031.787B5.976.6730000.00Industrials
JPR Johnston Press Plc Ord 1p 9.68-5.15%-0.53卖出23.937K10.800M-0.982494.00Consumer Cyclicals
JZCP Jz Capital Partners Limited Ord Npv 477.00-0.21%-1.00卖出20.333K
KAKU Kakuzi Ld Stk Kes5 92.500.00%0.00买入049.015M10.3734.23825.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
KCR Kcr Residential Reit Plc Ord 10p 63.50-15.33%-11.50强烈卖出7.500K3.350M-0.24Financials
KDR Karelian Diamond Resources Plc Ord Eur0.00025 6.500.00%0.00卖出246.903K1.576M-0.02Basic Materials
KHTC Kumho Tire Co Inc Gdr (repr 1/2 Of Com Shs Krw5000) 4.500.00%0.00卖出0
KNM Konami Holdings Corporation Jpy50 57.07-99.11%-6342.93强烈卖出193.179K5.830B27.62228.594606.00Technology
LLD2 Lloyds Banking Group Plc Adr (each Repr 6.413% Pref Shs) 144a 17.00-84.26%-91.00卖出100.000K50.809B16.290.0470255.00Financials
LQQS Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Nasdaq 100 3x Short Daily 190.20-1.01%-1.95卖出319.536K
LUD5 Etfs Foreign Exchange Limited Etfs 5x Short Eur Long Usd 23.19-10.34%-2.67强烈卖出3.396K
MAIS Maistro Plc Ord 1p 5.60-1.75%-0.1024.527K10.049M-0.0531.00Technology
MAJQ Market Access Ma-Istoxx Mutb Japan Quality Etf-Gbp 78.690.00%0.000
MASA Masawara Plc Ord Usd0.01 24.50-15.52%-4.50强烈卖出33.166K35.389M-0.015.00Financials
MDOJ Mandarin Oriental International Ld Ord Us$0.05(jersey Reg) 1.660.00%0.00买入01.987B58.400.0410000.00Consumer Cyclicals
MGP Medica Group Plc Ord 0.2p 166.00-14.43%-28.00强烈卖出1.918M215.556M81.00Healthcare
MIG Mobeus Income & Growth 2 Vct Plc Ord 1p 85.500.00%0.00卖出0
MIG4 Mobeus Income & Growth 4 Vct Plc Ord 1p 76.000.00%0.00卖出2.500K
MIX Mobeus Income & Growth Vct Plc Ord 1p 63.000.00%0.00卖出8.148K
MORT Mortice Limited Ord Npv (di) 44.500.00%0.00卖出50023.440M15.500.03Industrials
MOSB Moss Bros Group Plc Ord 5p 71.50-2.05%-1.50卖出1.229M73.584M12.820.06938.00Consumer Cyclicals
NRR Newriver Reit Plc Ord 1p 302.00-0.33%-1.00卖出1.023M917.754M19.900.15Financials
NTLG New Trend Lifestyle Group Plc Ord 0.1p 1.250.00%0.00卖出01.546M-0.0196.00Industrials
NTN Northern 3 Vct Plc Ord 5p 91.000.00%0.00卖出7.317K
O054 Ishares Plc Ishares Dj Stoxx Large 200 (otc) 39.320.00%0.004.874K
O055 Ishares Plc Ishares Dj Stoxx Mid 200 (otc) 47.56-0.72%-0.35880
O2XI Xbt Provider Ab Xbt Provider Ab 473.71-15.96%-89.98260
OBSX Lyxor International Asset Management Bear Dj Eurostoxx 50 17.76-0.16%-0.035
OCBX Comstage Etf Nasdaq100 58.720.00%0.00102
OCC1 Amundi Etf Msci China Fcp Eur Ucits 281.82-0.73%-2.08122
OCCX Ubs Etfs Plc Cmci Ex-Agri Sf Uct A(hd-Eur)eur Acc 16.14-91.72%-178.8625.000K
OCNB Lyxor International Asset Management Euro Corp Bond Ex Finls C Eur 134.850.00%0.00450
OCST Lyxor International Asset Management Ucits Stoxx Eur600 C&m 55.03-0.78%-0.44175
OD5B Db X-Trackers Msci Europe Value Trn Etf 1c 22.840.00%0.00212
ODBZ Db X-Trackers Ii Glbl Svn Eur Hedged Idx Etf 19.59-91.28%-205.003.292K
OET5 Etflab Investment Gmbh Deka Msci Europe Ucits 13.460.00%0.00284
OETC Etflab Investment Gmbh Deka Msci Europe Lc Ucits 96.020.00%0.00198
OETK Etflab Investment Gmbh Deka Dax Ausschuettend Ucits 2.89-95.45%-60.5440.000K
OFMI Amundi Etf Ftse Mib Etf 43.350.00%0.0011
OGSC Easy Etf - Gsci Fcp Units Capitalisation Usd 290.610.00%0.0037.000K
OILZ Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Wti Oil 1x Short Daily Etp 82.75-3.67%-3.15卖出600
OINS Lyxor International Asset Management Dj Stoxx 600 Insurance Eur Acc 37.800.00%0.00101.000K
OIZL Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Wti Oil 1x Short Daily Etp 6046.00-4.55%-288.00卖出100
OJBA Julius Baer Exchange Traded Funds Physical Gold Fund Usd A 326.20-73.18%-889.890
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