MPI‴ | Money Pressure Index

The MPI‴ or Money Pressure Index is a great indicator to measure the buy/sell money pressure over the asset once it allows you to have a better understanding and interpretation of its behavior once you are able to see it through an histrogram. Using its histogram, will allow you to have a gradual view of its force over the asset and the end of the line oscilation will allow you to see the most up to date indicator behaviour.

What is the best is that you can use it with any kind of graphic that it will always considere the real open, close, high and low trading values.

To have access to this indicator, please contact me at: contato @ moneywise . com . br

Believe me, this indicator will make your life much easier!
版本注释: Just graphic ajustment.
版本注释: I added two moving average lines to help identify possible reversal confirmation on the MPI histogram indicator.
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