Candlestick Patterns Strategy adapted for CRYPTO

After extensive research the next candlesticks patterns I have found out to be the most profitable from the entire list of candlestick patterns.
In this case I also added a small risk management inside for TP and SL , using 2:1 reward to risk ratio , 10% TP and 5% SL.
At the same time if we dont reach either TP or SL, we exit when we meet a bearish candlestick pattern.

We are making use of the next candlesticks patterns for long entries:
1. RisingThreeMethodsBullish
2. ThreeWhiteSoldiersBullish
3. TriStarBullish
4. AbandonedBabyBullish
5. DojiStarBullish
6. DragonflyDojiBullish
7. HaramiBullish
8. HaramiCrossBullish
9. MarubozuWhiteBullish

For short / long exit we use the next candlestick patterns:
1. FallingThreeMethodsBearish
2. ThreeBlackCrowsBearish
3. TriStarBearish
4. AbandonedBabyBearish
5. DownsideTasukiGapBearish
6. EveningStarBearish
7. HaramiBearish
8. HaramiCrossBearish

If you have any questions , let me know !

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