Reverse Ehler Instantaneous Trendline - TraderHalai

This script uses a reverse function of the famous Ehler Instantaneous Trendline to calculate the source price required in order to change from Bullish to bearish

From my analysis, the reverse price does appear to be rather choppy, though it is 100% accurate. This is because Ehler's Instantaneous Trendline tends to remain trending for longer periods of time with above average hold periods.

The main suitability for this would be higher level timeframes, such as Weekly, 5 daily, 3 daily. From my findings Smoothed Heikin Ashi Trend, tends to provide better risk-adjusted returns across most timeframes (Higher return to drawdown ratio)

As I have spent a bit of time getting the reverse function mathematics to work, I decided to publish this as open source for the benefit, scrutiny and for further development by the TradingView community anyways.


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