This is the version of the demarker I use to trade, I think think it is originally based off of /u/hpotter's work (which is obviously based off of the work of Tom DeMarker ) but I have added some things - most usefully in my opinion, the ability to highlight areas of low and high volatility .

These signals require the previous bar to close above or below the volatility level specified by the user and then the next bar must also be below that level for the back ground color to change.

Hope everyone enjoys this and finds it useful! Please give me feedback if you could, as I am looking to publish more scripts in the future!
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just hit 300 likes -- thanks!
try this
been getting lots of likes on this script; thanks all hope it is useful for you!
fyi if you turn the values to .49 and .51 you get more sensitivity for the bg coloring. Not a recommendation, just a heads up and an example of how to manipulate the values
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