Algo Trading Strategy (Nifty & BankNifty)

What is Algo Trading Strategy ( Nifty & Bank Nifty )?

There are many 9 to 5 working professionals who have some spare money to invest each month but they can not do active trading because they are busy with their full time job.

So they wish to have an automated system which could take and close trades for them with a proven back-tested strategy, proper money management, ability to trade within particular timings, pre-defined maximum loss they can bear and so on.

To cater needs of such type of traders, we created from scratch; and published an 'AutoTrading Algo ( Nifty & Bank Nifty ) in Sep 2021. (The link is given below, please read on).

Many people who want to try this AutoTrading Algo want us to share stats of this algo with them.

In order to fulfil this demand, we have converted that "Algo Trading" Study into a Strategy whose description you are reading right now.

For all other queries related to how our "Algo Trading ( Nifty & Bank Nifty )" works, what are its limitations, benefits and other features, please read the description of our main 'Algo Trading (Bank Nifty & Nifty )' study which is available at following link:


1. in order to test this strategy on longer time period, you must have a Premium TradingView account.

2. If you have premium TradingView account, the stats you generate will exactly match with our stats which we keep sharing in our Telegram channel.

3. To Enable Auto-Trading, You will need to connect this Algo with your broker's trading platform through 3rd party platforms. We will guide you on how to do this, when you contact us.

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