Olivia Scalp - By CheTrader

This is a complex strategy for Scalp that is fully configurable and can be automated

This script uses a combination of ma to detect the trend at a higher time frame, which can be defined by the user, as default set to 1D and 1M.

Triggers for long and short are given in a lower time frame, for example 30 minutes and are given by a combination of factors and oscillators. These include RSI , ADX , DMI

The script includes everything needed to follow the trade according to the habits of the trader.

This includes the option to use Take profit and Stop loss based on ATR that you can configure with the RR you like.
Similar to the risk-reward tool in tradingview.

You can also define a stop and take profit based on a percentage from the entry and also use a Trail stop, to finish the position when it is reached.

Each take profit and stop loss has a customized alarm so you can automate each action.

Also included is the option to use "advanced alerts"!

This is: You define how many seconds before you close the candle the alarm will be activated in TradingView. Very useful if you are going to automate, so that your alarm arrives just in time to your exchange.


  • Different trade entry options

  • Different forms of Take profit, included:
  • Take profit on squeeze candles
  • Take profit based on Risk-Benefit (RR)
  • Take profit a pre-determined %.

  • Different forms of Stop Loss, including
  • ATR-based stop loss
  • Trail stop loss (with option to use a trigger)
  • Stop loss a pre-determined %.

  • Contains a Risk Management section

  • May use a volatility filter

  • Statistics panel for backtest

  • Advanced alerts

As default is configured for BYBIT:BTCUSD 30 minutes

For access you can send a message or consult in my social networks.

Links in my tradingview signature (below).

版本注释: Added Risk:Reward panel: Here you can find all the data related to the last trade.


  • The ATR value in USD
  • Recommended position size for trade based on the % of the account you will risk per trade
  • Stop loss %.
  • Stop Loss $
  • Take profit 1 $
  • Take Profit 2 $

Complete statistics


  • Number of trades
  • Total Stop Loss
  • Stop loss % on total trades
  • Total Take profit 1
  • Take Profit 1 % on total trades
  • Detail by Long and Short of all the above statistics
版本注释: *Minor update

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