Scalper [Alerts]

This script was made for HIgh frequency of entries. Use carefully!!!
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版本注释: adjusts
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Could I please have access to this script?
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Can you give me access to this script?
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great indicator! Im exploring with it to make a strategy, I think it would be amazing if it would show sell signals aswell? Great work buddy!
Can you give me access?
About: Scalper
Please give me access to the script to transform it into strategy to be able to backtest it and measure its performance.


You Please make a strategy from it so that we can test it.

If it is good I can give you reasonable price

Is the idea here to set a take profit at a preset amount after scalp entry it closes or close these manually? Also obviously use a tight stop loss.
Ozilliqa sabertoothtiger
@sabertoothtiger, were you able to figure out a system for TP, or like a way to know when to flip short? cheers
@Ozilliqa, @sabertoothtiger, saw your post guys. A good Take profit strategy is. Lazy bears COG custom channel. center of gravity channel. the Scalp target walls. A good counter signal is the VPTBOLLFIB indicator (after candle close) to hit the bottom side of the channel. You could also use the VPTBOLL fib levels as targets and set a tight trailing stop at one of the levels.
mannnnn !
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