Parabolic RSI

The Parabolic RSI is a fusion between two of Welles Wilder Jr.'s indicators:

* The parabolic stop-and-reverse: A trend following overlay indicator.
* The relative strength index: A contrarian indicator bounded between 0 and 100.

The parabolic RSI applies the RSI formula on the parabolic stop-and-reverse which in turn is applied on the market price. The main aim is to find an oscillator similar to the RSI but with a touch of a trend following indicator. In other words, the parabolic RSI is to be used in tandem with the regular RSI to get a confirmatory signal. Generally the parabolic RSI is more stable than the RSI due to the formula used (a type of smoothing from the parabolic stop-and-reverse) which is why it may have a diversification factor with the signals from the RSI .

The best way to use the parabolic RSI is as follows:
* A long signal is generated whenever the parabolic RSI exits the oversold level.
* A short signal is generated whenever the parabolic RSI exits the overbought level.


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