Hey Folks,

Here is my Updated Bitcoin Trading Strategy script for 2019, it made over $18`000 the last 14 months with a $2500 starting Budget and 30% equity on each Trade.

The script is Invite only but I also provide Signals based on the script on my Tradingview Profile so make sure you follow me.

About the Script :

The script works on Renko Charting and the Signals are provided on a closing condition to make sure it doesn't have any rePaints at all.
It also comes with custom alerts, which means you can receive SMS notifications once a signal is given.
Please note! The script only works on his full potential if you have a tradingview Pro + Subscription!

Here is the Script in Numbers over the past 14 months :

• Time Period 14 Months
• Basic Investment $2500
• Investment each Trade 30% off Equity
• Net Profit 722.89 % equals to $18`072.18
• Total Trades Closed 414
• Profitable Trades 56.04%
• Max Drawdown 0.68% equals to $74.63
• Invite Price (6-month license) $780


I do have resellers but none of them can grant you access !! They are only creating contact between me and customers and get a fee for it! So never pay someone else than me on Tradingview to get access to the script !!!

If you have any question message me on Tradingview
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The script is Based on my older Invite Only Script which you can find on :
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