True Barcolor

Heikin Ashi can be useful for understanding trend based on price action but it doesn't take volume in context. Here I have tried to use volume for understanding true bar color and ultimately true trend analysis. It can also help you in not getting trapped in sudden shakeouts. Also, you can use it for averaging of your existing position.

Conditions used:
  • Relative closing price
  • Relative volume against previous bar and overall moving average of volume
  • Volume analysis
  • Trend analysis

版本注释: Updated to version 5
版本注释: Trailing stoploss is added in the script to highlight when to minimize the risk and Improve R:R ratio
版本注释: Limited number of Trailing stoploss lines display period.
版本注释: Trend reversal must be confirmed by closing above or below trailing Stoploss
版本注释: Tutorial for the script added along with the the scenario like supertrend

Indicator name change

potential entry points added

reversal signals are added for profit booking


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