Take Profit On Trend v2 (by BHD_Trade_Bot)

The purpose of strategy is to detect long-term uptrend and short-term downtrend so that you can easy to take profit.

The strategy also using BHD unit to detect how big you win and lose, so that you can use this strategy for all coins without worry about it have different percentage of price change.


The buy order is placed on assets that have long-term uptrend and short-term downtrend:
- Long-term uptrend condition: ema200 is going up
- Short-term downtrend condition: 2 last candles are down price (use candlestick for less delay)


The sell order is placed when take profit or stop loss:
- Take profit: price increase 2 BHD unit
- Stop loss: price decrease 3 BHD unit

The strategy use $1000 for initial capital and trading fee is 0.1% for each order.

Pro tip: The 1-hour time frame for ETH/USDT has the best results on average.

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