Belkhayate Iceberg - vwap

This is the magical Belkhayate Iceberg indicator that use Daily Vwap
and change the plot color's based on where the candles are located towards vwap .
When the plot is green we only look for buy opportunities
When the plot is red we only look for short opportunities.
According to Belkhayate this indicator tracks algorithmic trading iceberg orders.

Greets to All time best trader of the world Mostafa Belkhayat and Mohammed Amine.
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Wach hada libra ybi3lina??
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Adnane_deroui MarwaneElOuali
@MarwaneElOuali, wa9ila hahaha
+2 回复
Anismessaoud1 MarwaneElOuali
@MarwaneElOuali, le meileur indicateur li cheftou fi hyati
vous etes des noobes , vous ne connaissez pas la valeur de son travaille
+6 回复
hamzaxxx MarwaneElOuali
@MarwaneElOuali, ah, 270€ o mba3d 70€/mois pour aider la jeunesse africaine
Is it for free here? How can I download
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f u c k u
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hamzaxxx jastoor
@jastoor, thanks m a d a r c h o d e
jastoor hamzaxxx
version 4 please👏!!!!!!
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hamzaxxx orochisan99
@orochisan99, i m waiting for his next scam attempt to code it and put it for free to help the african youth for FREE
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