Real Turtle

There are a few different attempts at the turtle strategy on here, but none that I have seen thus far correctly follow the strategy as I know it. This version uses a stop order to trail out of the position by moving the stop order to match the exit channel or stoploss as the N*2( ema of True Range * 2). This version of turtle strategy also uses stop orders for entry on either side in order to enter at optimal time. The ability to specify a backtest period was borrowed from another script, I grabbed it so long ago I no longer remember from whom i borrowed it, if it was yours I will credit you if you PM me.

This version unlike others also allows you to specify a risk % so you only risk that percentage of your equity in a trade, as calculated from your stoploss.

Disclaimer: I have published several scripts in the past when i was first learning pinescript and they are all horrible please ignore those. I would delete them, but TV doesn't allow you to delete.
从常用的脚本中删除 添加到常用的脚本
how to use it ?
MRsinghji DashTrader
@DashTrader, your script is really awesome
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Thank you sir, does this re-paint?
@montyjus, no repaint. You'd only see repaint if for instance security was used. The only other qwerk i have seen with TV api as far as strategy backtest goes is if your trail stop is really tight it will produce unbelievable results.
DTCash DashTrader
@DashTrader, thanks for the work mate! I'm keen to give it a test later on. With regards to the stop loss bug you mentioned on TV, is there anywhere to get more info on this? I'm trying to get realistic strategy testing results and it seems I'm missing something, I've got the slippage, commission etc setup but my results still seem a bit off and my SL is tight, so think this may be a cause
@DTCash, I assume you are referring to a strategy you made and not this strategy. can google it, but basically the way TV does trail stops is it is NOT using a lower timeframe only the current timeframe to determine the trailstop. Because of this is has to guess what the trailstop did so it assumes on every candle that the candle moved with your trail stop first. Thus if your trail stop is really tight you'll have unrealistic results because every tiny move is a win for you even when in reality it wasn't.
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