[fikira] MACD & RSI+Stoch + Divergences

This is a new version of my "Divergences"

Compared to my "Divergences ( Pivots )", this is calculated totally different

There are 3 options:
- Stoch RSI

Since this script is very heavy in calculation it is limited in time (= inspired from a script of "Che_Trader")
Also it uses "max_bars_back" (=1000)

For MACD and Stoch RSI there is a "custom Divergences Period", which compares more then 7 Pivot Points ,
the higher the number, the less reliable, it is not necessary to use this, but it is there,
also you can change the "leftbars" and "rightbars", again, it is not necessary to change, but you can...

Linewidth and style of the Divergences lines can be changed

Everything for free! (I would like to ask for a small donation, but that isn't allowed here,
so the many hours I've put in can only be supported by using my script or giving a "like" :-) )

Thank you!

Jan 08
版本注释: The lines tend to make the script very heavy

I've added the option "Just show Arrows (No Lines)"
It is now set default as true, so standard NO LINES are shown

This makes it a bit lighter, you can make the lines visible by enabling the
"Just show Arrows (No Lines)" button, just wait a bit until it deploys.

When the message "Calculation timed out.Remove the indicator and reapply it to the chart" is visible,
try to refresh or pick another TimeFrame (and return to the previous TF), normally it will work then.

Since it still is a heavy script, in the near future I will add 3 separate "RSI", "Stoch RSI" and "MACD"
scripts with Divergences to see if it is lighter and faster in use,

Thank you very much!
Jan 08
版本注释: Updated small changes
Jan 11
版本注释: Added more options, also loads quicker and more efficient,
possibly could still be a bit slower than the separate MACD, RSI, RSI + Stoch + DIV scripts,
it is what you prefer,

Thank you very much!
Feb 04
版本注释: Added alerts
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Excellent! Good Job!
fikira Steporto
@Steporto, Thanks!
Steporto fikira
@fikira, I need RSI divergence premium.

do you have that service?
Or can you make an improved one?

How much?

fikira Steporto
@Steporto, What do you mean with premium?
Or what you want being improved?
Steporto fikira
@fikira, It is on the right track but it is still necessary to polish it a bit and that it has more accurate signals

If you had any better, I would like to acquire it for my use.
fikira Steporto
@Steporto, You always may send me print screens through PM,
perhaps I can improve it ;-)
Thank you VERY much for posting your scripts.
Just one thing, what is the 'margin' option used for in the custom div period?
fikira BitcoinCalls
@BitcoinCalls, Hi!

Well, first, it works only with the RSI
Second, it was the intention to minimise false lines,
if there are higher/lower points in between, it skips it.

The 'margin' gives more space for false lines, BUT it also can give more right lines :-)

margin 0:

margin 2:

Hope this helps!
MACD & RSI+Stoch+DIV:Calculation timed out.Remove the indicator and reapply it to the chart
fikira DearyouKR
@DearyouKR, Hi, yes, it sometimes does that...
Although I tried to make the script lighter, I guess it still is heavy on the server.
You can choose another TF and return or refresh to fix it.

I will see if the option "removing lines" will make it lighter,
I also will see if making a separate "RSI", "MACD", "Stoch RSI" helps as well,
will let you know!

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