Cipher & Divergence

For a long time I've been using complicated script with too much informations in it.
In this one I try to have just the bare minimum information to be able to analyse and find a potential reversal zone.

It is inspired from different wave trend / cipher script but has been tuned after months of backtest.

Extending the usage of the wave trend oscillator, which can be used with overbuy & oversell zone it might be better to wait for a confirmation of the movement. This confirmation can be identified by a pull back of the wave trend & price.

We can even confort ourself by waiting for reversal indicators.
Reversal may occurs after a divergence, wait for it, a cross of zero line followed by a PB to find your entry.
You can setup alert on bear / bull divergence but also when the wave trend cross the zero line to never miss a potential trade.

Huge thanks to LazyBear for his wave trend
And thanks vumanchu for his huge cipher script which was very useful for divergence finder

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