Thank you @rachitpjain for sharing this simple yet effective strategy on open platform( Twitter ).

For detail reading about strategy refer tweets of @rachitpjain where he timely posts charts using this strategy.

**EMA-50H-50L-15C Script V1
This script will be helpful to identify trade based on strategy shared by @rachitpjain.

Here are salient features of this script :
-Apply Three EMAs using single indicator (50H-50L-15C)
-When 15C crosses 50H - EMA Band will be filled with green color and only BUY trades should be taken
-When 15C crosses 50L - EMA Band will be filled with red color and only SELL trades should be taken
-When 15C in between 50H - 50L Band will be filled with white color and Trading should be avoided

*Strategy works best in trending market using any instrument. Results will vary with change in time frame

**Apply Basic TA like horizontal support, resistance, Higher High, Higher Low, Lower Low and Lower High price structure will increase success rate of this strategy

*** Script is kept protected mode and don't ask for codes.
(I think it's easy to code and by coding yourself, you will learn so many aspect of trading which you might missed)
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thanks great JOB done
can you add some leading Indicator/Oscillator with it for knowing divergence.
Thanks again!!!
Good job
Thanks. It's lovely.
TheSpecialist_IN Satishchandra
@Satishchandra, Welcome !
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