positionsize calculator

How to use:
Use the cursor to select the time, entry, stop loss, and target position. Enter the trading fee to calculate the reward/risk ratio and the actual reward/risk ratio (including the commission) according to the price you selected.

Known error:
Settings of this script can't be saved as default might due to the interactive price selection function. If anyone knows how to fix it, please let me know.

The visual Risk/Reward box, have three price labels on the right hand of the box.
Calculate the actual reward/risk ratio based on the trading fee.

The visual Risk/Reward box will extend automatically.
版本注释: Add a breakeven line. When the price hit this line, you can move your stop loss to your entry price.
版本注释: Fixed the breakeven line code. The previous one can cause the script not working
版本注释: Revised the calculation about the actual risk/reward
版本注释: Added alert option. Note that you have to open new alerts every time you enter a new trade and close them after the trade is finished.
Added the risk/reward lost percent function based on the trading fee.
版本注释: Added the English version. You can change it to English version by replacing the code I provided.
版本注释: Fixed Algorithm of calculating position size and actual reward/risk again. Now your position size will be calculated based on the risk per trade, taker and maker fee.
版本注释: Added a couple of simple calculations that could help you determine how much Leverage should use and the lowest win rate required. All the calculation includes the trading fee.
Added Break even label.
版本注释: Added two features.
1. improve the box visual quality.
2. Now you can see the profit you get from the table in real time.
版本注释: Minor adjust
版本注释: Changed some translated words.

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