Sometimes you need a rough view of what is going on. Ignoring the details could be a blessing. In the configuration, you can change how much you want to ignore
Nov 08
版本注释: Added plot titles
Nov 08
版本注释: Enhanced coloring. Added middle line.
Nov 09
版本注释: Now, each time.period has a different box size. When you change the time period of the chart, the box size adapts. Thus, you don't end up with a fullscreen filled color.

The middle divider line of the box is a resistance/support line most of the time. This resistence/support has a tendency to flip. Support becomes resistance vice versa...

Now, changing the time period you can see support/resistance for that detail level.


Nov 09
版本注释: Set the displayed graph to 1D. It illustrates the bitcoin history better and you know it.
从常用的脚本中删除 添加到常用的脚本
I needed such a nice tool. You see trends in a more comfortable way. So you may guess/comment on what will be next.
To my surprise, the boxes highlight important support/resistance lines. Especially the middle divider
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