ATR-Adaptive JMA [Loxx]

Not many know that the JMA (Jurik Moving Average) is already an adaptive indicator (it is adapting using the usual market volatility monitoring mode). Hence, making it adaptive "once more" makes it double adaptive. Fro the adaptivity in this case, we are use ATR ( Average True Range ) to make the JMA double adaptive. The ATR period is the same as the JMA period (there is no separate setting for that) so the usage of the indicator is as simple as it gets.

What is Jurik Volty used in the Juirk Filter?
One of the lesser known qualities of Juirk smoothing is that the Jurik smoothing process is adaptive. "Jurik Volty" (a sort of market volatility ) is what makes Jurik smoothing adaptive. The Jurik Volty calculation can be used as both a standalone indicator and to smooth other indicators that you wish to make adaptive.

What is the Jurik Moving Average?
Have you noticed how moving averages add some lag (delay) to your signals? ... especially when price gaps up or down in a big move, and you are waiting for your moving average to catch up? Wait no more! JMA eliminates this problem forever and gives you the best of both worlds: low lag and smooth lines.

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