BITMEX KDS With alarm function(A) EMA-RSI-MACD-KDJ


This is how our team implements this strategy by combining multiple metrics and using long-term debugging. Designed for short-term trading on the BITMEX futures platform, it responds sensitively and quickly. It can alert when a short-term trend begins to change

Its characteristics are as follows:

1. The recommended chart level is 30m or less, and the chart time level is preferably 5m/10M/15m, so you can get the trading signal faster.

2, the indicators I published earlier, their response is fast and sensitive, but sometimes because of too sensitive, resulting in interference signals, or the position of the signal changes. In this indicator, I made changes to make it more stable, so you can make better profits.

3. When you choose BITMEX XBT to make a trade, you should choose the XBTUSD -2.50% US DOLLAR -0.15% PERPETUAL INVERSE SWAP CONIRACT chart. Because we use the chart of other names of BITMEX XBTUSD -2.50% , we find that there is data defect.


1. In the indicator, there is an orange signal line that fluctuates up and down. When it goes from bottom to top, it is the buy signal. When the signal line remains in the upper position, it indicates a multi-party trend.
2. When it goes from top to bottom, it indicates a sell signal. When the signal line is kept below, it indicates a selling trend.

3. According to different time levels, when the position of the signal line changes, please wait for the current candle to complete according to the time level of the chart you selected to determine the signal. For example, if you choose a chart level of 5m, then when the signal line changes, for example, it goes from top to bottom and sends a sell signal. At this time, please don't rush to sell. You should wait for this 5m candles diagram to finish. When the candles are finished and start the next candle, if the signal line remains in the top-down form, it indicates that the sell signal is OK, you can sell.

Because the position of the signal appears, it is the position of buying and selling. In the process of completing the candle diagram, the signal may disappear after disappearing. We only need to wait a little longer for a more stable transaction.

4. The setting of the alarm is very simple. There are two lines in the indicator. One is the orange signal line that fluctuates up and down, and the other is the fixed zero line of “zero”.

We set it in the alarm, when the signal line "down" through the "zero" from above, only when the candles diagram is completed, a short signal is sent. When the signal line "up" through "zero" from below, the signal is sent long when the candles diagram is completed.

5. A trick, the appearance of the signal, is when the price is run in one direction for a while, so it appears at or near the bottom. Because, when we have already made a profit in the transaction, we can take profit in advance, and we don’t need to wait for the opposite signal to stop the profit and reduce the risk of profit retracement.

Because in this market, the fluctuations are very large, and the people who compete are also very fierce. What we need to do is to make every transaction as possible, we are all profitable. If we sell and find that the price is still rising, please don't feel sorry, don't think about eating all the profits.

6. When the signal appears, in most cases, even in the shock trend, it will still run a distance in the direction of the signal, that is, you will be profitable, so please close the position and get the profit in time. Otherwise, when the price volatility is too small, you miss the point of take profit, the price starts to run in the opposite direction, you may change from profit to loss.

BITMEX's trailing stop loss is a good feature, please use it flexibly.

7, If it is a shock trend, please try not to trade.

8. We recommend that you turn on both the “BITMEX KDS A” and “BITMEX KDS B” indicators. Whoever has the trading signal first appears, you can make a transaction, which can help you get more profit.

9. Please remember, I hope this indicator will be your powerful assistant, but please don't rely on it completely. It is more important to learn more trading knowledge and skills. Therefore, when we consider what position to take profit, you can use your trading skills, MACD , KDJ, etc. to assist and take profit in a more appropriate position.

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