inwCoin Average Position Price Calculator - For Cryptocurrency

Ever wonder what is my average entry ?
No need to use excel.
Just use this simple indicator to calculate average entry of your multiple positions.

How to use
1) Just input your entries into each box. ( Buy price + buy amount )
2) If you don't want to use any input, just uncheck the checkbox.

How to read value
- This indicator will calculate the asset amount you got when you purchase it, by asset amount = entry amount / entry price ( Eg. buy BTC at 10,000$ per BTC with 1,000 USD = 1000/10000 = 0.1 BTC )
- It will calculate your current value of the asset you holding and compare it with all of the money you already invested. Also the profit/loss.
- It will show the average entry price with the green line on the chart and in the textbox.
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