Uncle Eagle Indicator Suite - Eagle Sniper

** Uncle Eagle Indicator Suite - Eagle Sniper **

An elite sniper is trained to both focus on the moment as well as see the big picture. Their selective approach gives them the edge, as they can see through the visual noise to hit their target. Uncle Eagle has designed the Eagle Sniper to do just that! Simplify your TA and remove the need for LOTS of cluttering Indicators that tell you different things. Receive a simple "Long/Short" signal when multiple indicators start showing a clear direction that an individual might be able to see through all the visual indicators needed.

Successful traders are patient and select their trades in a careful and calculated manner. Our Eagle Sniper allows you to take that patience and utilize it to your advantage!

The Eagle Sniper will help any new, or experienced trader determine their entry and exit points concisely, and it marries perfectly with our Suite of products!
  • Adjustable controls for Oscillators
  • Adjustable ATR for long term or short-term snipes
  • Highlight the trend with Green/Red lines
  • Filter Overbought/Oversold snipes to avoid certain movements
  • Combines perfectly with all other Uncle Eagle Indicators

Know when to get in or get out, no matter the Bull or Bear nature!
版本注释: ** Minor updates**
  • Added Alerting Conditions for easy alerting (more features coming soon)
  • Changed DEFAULTS to better adjust for the CRAZY market. :)

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~Uncle Eagle

Risk Management saves lives! Stay Safe!


I've been using this tool for a while now. It really speeds up my technical analysis. Thank you so much for this!
Uncle_Eagle Starfire17
@Starfire17, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! I hope you're enjoying all our tools. Reach our if you have any questions or concerns.
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