Candle Levels

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Candle Levels

Allows chart levels to be plotted automatically, simply add tool to chart and the interactive mode will prompt for candle selection, timeframe anchor and some label choices such as displaying time, price or disabling labels altogether.

Also a note can be supplied that will be shown in the labels if they're displayed, if not it'll be up in the indicator values if those are enabled. Colors and individual labels can be customized, encourage saving over defaults for repeated usage.

Levels calculated:
  • Standard OHLC
  • Close to open mid point
  • High to low mid point
  • High wick mid point (either between close or open, whichever is higher)
  • Low wick mid point (either between close or open, whichever is lower)

I have plans to better detected levels and labels overlap to perhaps do something with that, for now manually toggling display of label should suffice.

I've tested with various markets such as futures, standard stock markets and also various higher and lower timeframes, if something is found to not be working please let me know.

  • Added quarter plots between high and mid, and low and mid.
  • Misc perf adjustment.

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